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My Walk To Work (in pictures!)
December 20, 2005, 9:12 pm
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Well, these pictures were taken with a disposable camera, but regardless, this was my walk to the office today:

My subway stop:

The city busses are still in use … just not to the general public:

My approach to the Manhattan Bridge:

The Bridge actually wasn’t that crowded at 8:20am:

My poor attempt at capturing the mass of people crossing the Brooklyn Bridge:

This was where the trip got all pretty and stuff:

The abandoned subway tracks were a constant reminder on my walk over the East River that I COULD be warmer …

A mom walking with her son.

The closed Union Square subway station:

A close up of the Strike Notice there:

I thought the tape they chose to use at the 23rd Street 6 Train stop was appropriate:

This one is just for mom … see I promised I would stay warm!!!!

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thanks FINY! – You and other NYC bloggers have really helped fill out the picture and keep it interesting.

Bundle up! May I suggest those warm packs you put in your pockets?! I use them snowboarding.

right on.

Comment by nacho

You look too cute all bundled up. Almost as if you should be sledding down a hill, not going to work!

Comment by april

For the love of god, can you not work from home??!!!

I’m worried about getting to the airport tomorrow. I’m planning on walking to the LIRR near your apt, and taking it to Penn Station, then NJ Transit to Newark.

What a mess!!!!!!!

Comment by Meegan

Nacho: I am SERIOUSLY thinking of going out and investing in some foot warmers. My hands are ok, my toes? Not so much.

April: I was completely inappropriately dressed for work today, but then again so was everyone else I work with so it was fine 😉

Meegan: Unfortunately not. At least not today or tomorrow. Now Thursday and Friday are a totally different story. I can at least say this I am going to have one SERIOUSLY toned ass when all is said and done.

Also, for tomorrow leave at the ass crack of dawn. No joke. Walking past the Flatbush Ave station today it was chaos. I’d like to think they’re going to figure a better system out by tomorrow but I wouldn’t hold out hope. Good luck sweetie!!!

Comment by FINY

I hope today was slightly warmer than yesterday. But as long as you stay bundled up like in the picture, hopefully it will be ok. My 6 miles of walking yesterday are definitely doing a number on my thighs :-).

Comment by Esther

wha, nothing about new Yankee centerfielder Johnny Damon…?

Comment by mikey

Luckily, I didn’t have to report downtown so I went to my office in Queens Borough Hall on Queens Blvd & did a Neo-Telecommute via Computer.
Nice photographs as they come out so nicely with The Camino & Safari Browsers!
Cold feet are awful.

Comment by Michael Leggett

Hey there! I’m out blogging and found yours! I have to admit, you seem to have a very well put together blog.

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Comment by Disposable Cameras

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