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Introducing … The Homegirls!
January 13, 2006, 3:22 pm
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So awhile back I received an email from two readers in Boston. Kellin and Mei run their own business called Homegirls: fan gear for girls . I’d like to take a moment to pimp them out for a second. No not because I know them or have any stake in the company (though come to think of it girls, in a month I won’t have a job anymore. You hiring? 🙂 – ok ok, I promise that’s the last time I mention not having a job anymore. At least in this post). To put it bluntly, I just love their shit!

See, it turns out that I already owned a Homegirls T-shirt before I even knew Homegirls existed. Back in July the Welshman, R, Zoe, and Meredith presented me with what is now probably my favorite article of clothing. A red T-shirt with the words “Real Women Don’t Date Yankee Fans” across the chest. (No, that’s not me in the picture, though come to think of it now that I have a digital camera I could totally take one of myself … hmmm…). I absolutely freaking adore that shirt. Adore it. And it became even more precious to me when I was walking to a Sox bar in either August or September and who do I see on the street, while wearing said shirt, other than the hated Randy Johnson. Never in my life have I ever been prouder to be wearing a specific article of clothing.

One of the things I love about the Homegirls stuff is that it allows the female fan to wear New England sports related stuff, but doesn’t label you as a CFB. And not only do they have great clothes, they’ve got a new message board and blog. Seriously, this was an amazing idea. I just wish I had had it first. No worries though, my resume is on it’s way to Boston as we speak. (Ok, so I mentioned it again, sue me!)


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Hey Finy, who’s the blond??? GROWF!!!!

Hmm, growf doesn’t come off as flattering in type…

Comment by Alex

It’s not fair! I was born a Yankee fan before I realized they were an evil empire!

Comment by Maine

Finy, has anyone told you lately that you’re awesome? Cause you are.

We’re so flattered by your post, and especially to hear that we don’t label our customers as CFBs. Woohoo! Um..okay, I admit it…what’s a CFB?

Anyway, the second that we are ready to hire our first employee, it will be you. And you should post a picture of yourself in the shirt. And send it to us to put in our gallery.

If you ever come up to Boston, get in touch! We’d love to buy you a beer and talk some shit about the yankees.

Comment by Mei

Mei – Casual Fan Bitches.

As coined by the Soxaholix in a classic from late December 2004.

Comment by BlackJack

Are you considering employment in Boston now?

Comment by Macca

Ahhh, Randy now knows of NYC’s 2nd Force, that of Red Sox Nation. I just love it.

Comment by Michael Leggett

I supposrt you 100% in kicking that cock -sucking co-worker in the nuts. In fact, do it twice. One for you and one for the RSN.

Comment by Kellin

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