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We Finally Meet
January 20, 2006, 2:34 am
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I’m always a bit wary when people preface my intorduction to someone with “Oh my God you’re going to love *insert name here*! You two are so much alike!” It feels almost like your being set up for disaster. I mean what if you don’t adore this person? What if you only “like” them. Worse yet, what if you absolutely despise them and this is someone that you’re supposed to be exactly similar to. Does that therefore mean you loathe yourself somewhere deep down that you don’t want to admit to?

Meegan had told me more times than I can COUNT that I was going to love LizyLizy. And I believed her. How could I not? I had spoken to Lizy on the phone, we’d been emailing for about a month, and I’d become an avid reader of her blog. But still, you just never know. Emails and phone calls and blog posts are one thing, but how would we get along in person?

In a word? Famously.

No joke, I love this girl, she’s awesome (and no, not just because we read the same books, love the same foods, are both sports fans and happen to share one of the greatest friends any two girls could ask for). It was just so easy! Like we had known each other for ages. I knew we were going to be fine the minute I saw Meegan and Lizy walking towards me and Lizy broke into a run before nearly tackling me with a bear hug. Yug, she’s my kinda girl.

Lizy, babe, it was SO fantastic to meet you this past weekend. Anytime you need a Danny to sing to your Sandra, you know where to find me (little inside karaoke joke there).

(visual confirmation of our meeting to come. I have to upload it from another computer since Safari doesn’t support Blogger that well …)


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I feel so honored that you took my suggestion. Or that you had already thought about posting this and just did it now :-). Sounds like you had a great time. And I guess Lizy’s the soprano…

Comment by Esther

I can’t write much now, but what you should know is that I almost tripped and fell when I broke into my sprint because my loafer came off. Once again, I am nearly taken down by the gods of preppy clothing! But, how could I not run? You were only 20 yards in front of me. The best part of the evening came later at the bar. Thomie, the owner was awesome, and I loved the music. Thanks for the special Dave song.

It was an honor to meet you, my dear! Like I said before, I am so glad M is friends with you. And it was thrilling singing with a woman who can really get into the range of Mr. Danny Zuccho.

Talk to you soon!

Comment by lizy

I hear thats what blog frieds are for.

Comment by Ari

AWWW!! That is so sweet.

Comment by Meegan

Best regards from NY! »

Comment by Anonymous

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