Miles From Fenway

Why I am So Emotionally Drained At The End Of The Day
February 6, 2006, 8:46 pm
Filed under: work

… because I need to keep smiling through shit like this:

Cast of Characters:
Me – self explanatory
Alanna – friend in the office.
Coworker 1 – woman in her, I don’t know, midthirties maybe?
Coworker 2 – woman in her, again, I don’t really know, but let’s say early 50s

Downstairs lobby of my building. Coworker 1 and Coworker 2 say hello to Alanna and I and promptly turn their backs to us, as they were in the middle of a conversation. Two elevators arrive at the same time. Alanna and I get in a different elevator than the rest of the crowd that is waiting.

(cut to the 35th floor)

I exit the elevator maybe two seconds after Coworker 1 and Coworker 2 turn the corner. I can hear them talking but don’t know what about. Coworker 1 sees me out of the corner of her eye.

Coworker 1: whispers something inaudible
Coworker 2: what did you say I can’t hear you
Coworker 1: whispers something I can’t hear

Coworker 2 promptly looks over her shoulder, sees me not three steps behind her, and stops dead in her tracks. Sidestepping so I can walk past her. As I continue down the hall, and Coworker 1 and Coworker 2 turn the corner we hear this:

Coworker 2: God it’s just like school all over again.

Yeah but only because you’re making it that way.

The 15th can’t come soon enough at this point. It’s getting too hard to hold back the tears in the office. This is just downright humiliating.


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Hang Tuff,

Remember someday you will get to laugh your ass off at those incosiderate fools.

Comment by Ari


Comment by Meegan

One day, they will cry for help & NOT be heard.

Comment by Michael Leggett

I am constantly amazed by the behavior of “adults.” Honestly…
Keep your head up!

Comment by Itchy

That is just so wrong. What bitches.

Comment by Becki

would it be to immature to send a few scathing emails on your way out the door?

Head up, FINY, I predict great things for ya…

Comment by Derek

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