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The First Day
February 24, 2006, 4:28 am
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“What is important is to keep learning, to enjoy challenge, and to tolerate ambiguity. In the end there are no certain answers.”
Martina Horner

Boy do I need to remember those words in the coming days and weeks. Today I completed my first day at the new job. There are so many thing I am just overjoyed about. The cause I’ll be working for. The people I’ll be working with. The salary. The office. The responsibility.

It was a bit of baptism by fire today. Somehow I went from 7 bosses at my first job out of college, to 4 bosses at my last company, to exactly none at this one. That’s right, as of tomorrow, the woman that hired me will no longer be with the company, leaving me with little to no direction. On my second day. With a magazine that is half done and needs to be out in three weeks.

I haven’t even started day two yet.

I’m not upset about this. I’m nervous. Which I guess comes with every first day on a new job. I KNOW I can rise to this challenge. And I am looking forward to proving what I can do. But I’d be lying to say that I am not feeling a little in over my head at the moment (and I HATE admiting that knowing some of the people who are continuing to read this blog). But then again, it’s only day one.


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Congrats! I’m sure you’re up to the challenge!

Comment by --

I don’t know if this will help or not…but I have a feeling that most of the people that read your blog would feel EXACTLY the same way on their second day at a new job. At least I know I would!
Congrats, good luck, and you can do it!

Comment by Itchy

I was waiting all day to hear how the first day went. I’m sure it’s overwhelming, but most new jobs are. You just get thrown into the deep end a bit faster than most. But I’ve known you long enough to know that you can swim baby!

Comment by Esther

Of COURSE you feel like you’re in over your head. You just started. You’ll settle in and do brilliantly though – I’m sure of it.

On another note, now you have a job, you want to come watch the rugby this weekend?

Comment by WelshSoxFan

Thats awesome though. Im happy it worked out for you in the end and I am sure you will do a kick ass job… Congats!!

Comment by Darren

@ one time or another, we all are in over our heads.
Be cool. Be not afraid. It’s a new journey.
As your amice & amici, we’ll be there for you.
Peace, Amica!

Comment by Michael Leggett

I’m glad you’re enjoying your new job.

I’d have to second what everyone else has already said about feeling overwhelmed in a new job/position – we’ve all been there at one point or another.

It’s natural – but you’ll do great 🙂

Comment by Miss Browneyedgirlie

Kim, You will do GREAT honey..I just know it! You are a marvelous person with super talent and things will settle in soon! I’ll be thinking of you!

Comment by Holly/OTP

grab as much responsibility as you can! this is your opportunity to take charge. I have a friend who is now on the masthead of the new yorker as their layout guy basically because his boss quit shortly after he arrived.

Comment by Derek

I’m sure by now you’ve proved to be one hell of a hire! :O) Hope all is going well!

Comment by Chief Slacker

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