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Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion! *
May 16, 2006, 2:16 pm
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If by, “play like a champion” you mean drink like a fish, then yes, I would say that aptly describes the four days I spent down in Florida.

Hangover aside, the wedding was absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to get the pictures back from the professional photographer since they include a pictures of:
1. The bridal party running down the road past a line of traffic (most of whom were wedding guests) in an attempt to get to the beach before sunset for pictures. 2. Multiple photos of me peeling off my nylons when we reached said beach. 3. A picture of all of the bridesmaids tearing off Haynes T-shirts Hulk Hogan style since we all forgot to bring button down shirts so as not to mess up our hair or makeup after it was professionaly done. This of course on top of around 1000 other pictures. Should be good stuff.

I feel like I’ve been gone for a lot longer than I actually have. In the four days I was down there I attended a seemingly endless stream of events, sang more irish drinking songs than I care to remember, and had more to eat and drink than my body could be reasonably expected to hold. You’ll all be excited to know that this was a wedding for two die-hard sox fans. I got to watch the Thursday night Sox v. Yanks game at the bar after they requested it be played, the bride’s mother gave her a Build-a-Bear Bride Bear with a Sox jersey on it instead of the top of the dress, the bride’s garter had a Sox logo on it, and at the reception the Dropkick Murphy’s versions of Tessie and Dirty Water were blasted over the speakers. And happily, the only tears I shed were out of sheer joy for the bride and groom.

I was a bit scared that all these weddings coming up were going to push me even deeper into the bitterness that the Twin began a month ago. Happily, it had the exact opposite effect. I don’t like being bitter, and to be honest, I do it very poorly. When it comes down to it, I am a positive, hopeless romantic at heart. One of my college friends calls it my “fluffy bunny”. It was in full effect this weekend.

As I stood up at the altar, watching the bride and groom literally glow with happiness, I realized that no matter how much the breakup hurt me, no matter how much I pretended that I feel like I have given up on love, I could never really reach that point. It’s stupid and sappy, but I still believe in it. I still believe that some day I am going to find it, and somehow that makes this easier to deal with. I mean, I deserve someone who loves me as much as I love them. Who one day I can look at like that. The Twin obviously wasn’t that guy. And that’s ok. I am not even remotely trying to say that I am looking to get married tomorrow, but it’s nice to still believe that I will someday. Of course talk to me in ten years and if I’m still single, I may have changed my tune, but for now, I’m just going to roll with it.

* – From The Wedding Crashers. Such a great freaking movie.


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Oh finy, I love that you’re all dressed up but still drinking a mug of beer. 🙂

Glad to hear that you had a good time down in Florida and be sure to post the shirt-ripping-off pictures just as soon as you get them!

Comment by BlackJack

I second that motion. But I’d like to see a full picture of you in the dress – please :-)!

Comment by Esther


Good to see you back in “full effect” life is what you make of it and you are making lemonade out of lemons everday. I am sure you will find your prince, sox player, or just a chip off the ole block.

Also have you noticed its not only wedding season but aslo construction season!!

Comment by Ari

personally, I am an Old School fan and not so much a Wedding Crashers fan….

Comment by Darren

Great photo!! It sounds like you had a really fun time, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. And on the Dropkick Murphys note, I drove the singer to Dunkin Donuts once.

Comment by Meredith

Beejer: would you expect anything less of me? We’ll see about the picture.

Esther: Somehow I managed not to get a shot of myself in the dress (full view I mean). But I am sure one of my friends did. I’ll work on that.

Ari: I am officially relaunching my campaign to make Theo Epstein my husband. We’ll see how it goes.

Darren: Are you going to be upset when I admit I haven’t seen Old School?

Meredith: Thanks. And as for the story … I need more details!!!!

Comment by FINY

Drink Like A Sailor:

That’s grand advice.

Comment by Michael Leggett

Great pic Finy.

Comment by Derek

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