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You Can’t Teach Your Life’s Lessons to Other People
June 15, 2006, 1:58 pm
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The email came in early yesterday morning from DTR.

“Museum Girl just got fired.”

I immediately jumped up from my desk, hustled down the hallway, and found DTR on the phone with her. Memories from that day three months ago came flooding back all too quickly, though with not nearly the same sting they used to carry with them. Instead I was remembering the feelings without actually feeling them. I thought this would make me excellent counsel for Museum Girl and that night joined her and DTR at DTR’s apartment in Hoboken for some dinner and some good old fashioned cheering up.

But as we sat there, MG in the same shocked state I had been in – feeling like a failure, wondering what she was going to do, still replaying the conversation in her head – I realized that I actually could be of no more help than anyone else. When I was fired everyone told me I was going to be fine, actually better. For five weeks I dismissed them all. Thought, they don’t know what I’m going through. How the hell do they know anyway, this is my life, how am I going to make rent?! It wasn’t until after I got the new job and got out of the terrible situation I was in that I realized they were all right. And that’s going to be when Museum Girl realizes we were right too. One day down the line she’s going to wake up and think, oh my God, it was completely true!

Until then I guess all we can do is get her a good stiff drink, some chocolate, some ice cream, and some tissues.


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So true, you never know how its going to feel yourself until it happens, but with good friends it sure does make losing a job a hole lot easier.

Comment by Ari

You’re so right. But, as much as she may not listen, you’re there for her just like we were for you. And that is all that matters.

Comment by Esther

Damn skippy, just like when I was fired. For like three days I was seriously depressed, but then luckily I started getting interviews and it jsut went up from there. Now I’m way glad not to be at my last job. Hugs and booze are definitely good. Oh, and make sure NOT to let her watch and season/series finales. Watching the end of West Wing right after I got fired wasa BAD PLAN. Yup.

Comment by Chief Slacker

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