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Sick? I’m Not Sick! What Do You Mean?
June 19, 2006, 9:16 pm
Filed under: misc.

That pile of kleenex on my desk? Oh, um, well there was this horde of ants that invaded my office, and I used a single tissue on each one of them. Of course that wasn’t a why-don’t-you-take-some-cold-medicine kind of cough, and no, it wasn’t a smoker’s cough either, just all the dust from all the tissues is kind of getting to me. No, I wasn’t sneezing, that was just my way of showing you I’m annoyed with all your damn questions.

I swear to God I’m not sick.


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Bless You.

Comment by MK

Feel better!!!!!!!

Comment by Esther

The Twin: Thank you 🙂 Hehe, it’s still kinda weird seeing you commenting around here, but I absolutely love that you do!

Esther: Thanks, I really hope this coughing/sneezing shit doesn’t last through Saturday. I’d rather not cough through the entire ceremony the way I did at Adam and Kat’s wedding down in FL.

Comment by FINY

Ok, so this is like the third time I’ve been sick and come and read your blog to fiund out you were feeling ill jsut before me. I am hereby blaming any illnesses on you. 😛 Bring me some chicken soup our something pleeeeeesa? hehe

Comment by Chief Slacker

Very nice site! hummer france

Comment by Anonymous

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