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Well Done, Sox Fans, Well Done
June 28, 2006, 12:58 pm
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Pedro Martinez’s first start at Fenway since leaving the Red Sox isn’t officially until tonight. But last night, after the Sox played a “Welcome Back Pedro” message on the jumborton, the Sox fans in attendance welcomed him back exactly the way they should have: with a hearty ovation.

In my mind, and in the minds of every other Sox fan I know, there was really no other way to greet the man that brough us seven years of some of the most electric baseball this team has ever seen. Nevermind a World Championship.

I’m not going to go into a history of Pedro with the Sox, or list his substantial baseball resume: the media and thousands of others out there have me covered on that front. What I will say, is I would give anything to be there tonight. Just to be in the park and stand and cheer and clap wildly in thanks.

So well done Sox fans. Well done ignoring the “Are they going to boo him” questions that media idiots all over the country posed to us. Well done for proving, once again, that we’re some of the classiest fans in baseball.


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Screw Steve Silva & BDD, that Racist Pile of Puss:

SNY Coverage was excellent.

Comment by Michael Leggett

It was very Classy, I was pleased to see it. As someone who doesn’t live and die for baseball i admire fans of the sport especially when they act respectful and with dignity. Cheers to boston fans.

Comment by Ari


Comment by Macca

Yah, the fans may have been nice to him, but the team sure wasn’t ;O) Do me a favor, play and beat the Tigers like 12 games, would ya?

Comment by Chief Slacker

I was in the park for all 3 games and the people who have claimed that the ovation was tepid and mostly Mets fans are talking nonsense. He got the biggest ovation during Tuesday’s game and then 3 very hearty ovations on Wednesday night. He also got a huge round of applause on Thursday night.

Another mark of Fenway’s class – after Reyes was hurt running into Tek on Tuesday, when the trainers helped him off the field all the Sox fans stood and applauded him. Classy.

Comment by WelshSoxFan

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