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Ok, I Officially Need Help
July 3, 2006, 6:14 pm
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See, I really wanted to redesign again. I didn’t like the functionality of the last template and it was driving me up a wall. So I spent a LOT of time getting this one together, and when I preview my changes it looks great. But as soon as I republish, BAM, I get all these crazy symbols instead of punctuation.

Anyone know what the HELL I am doing wrong here?

Ok, I figured it out. For some reason, the posts that I originally wrote in word and then cut and paste into Blogger, ended up turning all the apostrophes and quotation marks into odd symbols. It just meant I had to go back into those posts and do some tweaking. I’ve only gone back a couple months, and am going to have to slowly go through the rest, so if you’re looking at the old stuff, be patient.

But in general, what do you guys think of the new template? My mom isn’t a big fan, she liked the colors of the last one, but with this template the comments are working better and I just think it’s more functional. But that’s just me, do you guys like it?


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Hey finhym

It looks good by me, and I don’t see real punctation problems.

Comment by Ari

It also looks good to me. Keep it FiNY!!

Comment by The Omnipotent Q

And I have not been here since your hangover post after you were without a job, for a very short time, I hope. I’ll catch up if that’s OK. And happy holiday. I was at Q’s and saw your comment. Take care.

Comment by Peter N

mmm, it’s all right. a lot of white space, though, don’t you think? i mean, i’d rather read dark text on a white background than light text on a dark background, but there’s a lotta white overall.

my 1 1/2 cents worth 🙂

Comment by kate.d.

I’m not a huge fan of so much white in comparison to what you had before, but I do like the other elements that changed.

Comment by Esther

Maybe I’ll play around with the coloring on the dummy blog for a while. As ever, this is a work in progress.

Comment by FINY

Yeah. I think it’s too much white. Other than that I like it.

Check your blog email FINY. There’s an update on my situation.

Comment by edmund dantes

I like it! I’ve never been a big fan of the light type on dark background so it’s much better than that Blooger template you had. Perhaps the sidebar squares a color? I’m not really one to advise on such matters. Someone told me my blog reminds them of pee.

Comment by nacho

Everything looks dang spiffy to me, though I might reccomend a very faint blue tint to the backdround, it’d be more relaxing on the eyes then white. Either way though looks good!

Comment by Chief Slacker

I like it.. not that my 2 cents matter??

as for the symbols; I’ve heard of some people having problems with pasting their posts into blogger, then having it change to webdings font when viewed with IE. The case I know of is a friend who uses firefox to publish her posts, then IE browers see a bunch of junk?

not sure if that helps, but again.. I like the template!

Comment by Carrie

ps.. just looked at the dummy blog, and I still like this one better. only suggestion, what about making some of the sidebar title-bars in a Sox Red or something?

ok. now I’ve given 5 cents worth. I think I’m spent. 😉

Comment by Carrie

I like it. It’s cleaner and easier on the eyes.

Comment by Macca

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