Miles From Fenway

Just for Jason*
July 7, 2006, 3:18 pm
Filed under: Boston, friends, music

Well, in a few hours I will be heading, once again, to a destination weekend. This week’s stop? Boston, MA for the Saturday Sheryl Crow and Dave Matthews Band show at Fenway Park. That’s right, one of my favorite bands (DMB) is playing at one of my favorite places on the planet. It’s possible that my head is going to explode from being so freaking happy.

Seeing the DMB concert in Boston, whether it be at Great Woods (I refuse to call it the Tweeter Center), Foxboro, or now Fenway Park, is a bit of a tradition with my set of RI friends. We haven’t missed a summer tour up there since somewhere in the mid-nineties. It’s become more about getting everyone together than it has about the show itself, though in all those years we’ve seen some amazing ones. And inevitably, stories abound, so be on the look out for wasted Finy stories come Monday. It should be a great weekend!

*The title of this post refers to a friend of mine who recently accused me of becoming lame since getting back together with The Twin. The lack of drunken debauchery has him seriously worried. Don’t worry, Jason, I’ll do my best this weekend to provide you with many an embarrassing moment!


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As long as I’ve known you there have been wasted Finy stories, with boyfriends or without. So I’m sure that you won’t disappoint :-). Have a great time in Boston!

Comment by Esther

Can’t believe it’s been a whole year since DMB! Have some of those jelly vodka shots for me 🙂

Comment by Z

Wait, there’s going to be alcohol involved with this weekend? No-one told me that. What am I supposed to do all weekend while you’re getting wasted? You KNOW I don’t drink!!!

Comment by WelshSoxFan

Esther I know they’ll continue, but Jason is impatient. He’s bored with the content. I believe his words were “Get back to what you’re good at, getting wasted and random men”. I love my friends 🙂

Z I MISS YOU. And I am a big jerk who is terrible at keeping in touch, I know. DMB will not be the same without you.

Sheep shagger You’re a wiseass. That is all.

Comment by FINY

hey have a good time, not a big DMB Fan as he just hit me in the wrong time of my life and his music bothered me, but have a great time.

Comment by Ari

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Comment by Anonymous

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