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On Why It’s Good to Have Girlfriends
July 29, 2006, 7:16 pm
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Up until I graduated from college the majority of my friends were male. While in school it was Finy and the guys, a group of four guy friends I met orientation week and promptly hung out with every day for four years. It was easier, we had a ton in common, there were no weird backstabbing issues, we didn’t fight over who-liked-whom, and I could always count on them for a beer and a night of cards or sports. Sure there were a few weird are-we-really-just-friends When Harry Met Sally type moments, but overall, these guys were like family to me.

But as I get older, I’ve begun to realize more and more how important it is to have really close girlfriends. And yesterday was a prime example. I was facing many women’s biggest fear: the dressing room mirror. Faced with the reality that I had worn most of my bras threadbare, and that in two weeks time I would be in MN, on a beach, not owning a bathing suit, I was about to endeavor on a shopping trip fit for a House of Horrors. Bathing suit and bra shopping share something in common – they require a LOT of near nakedness in front of an always-unflattering mirror while being lit by some asshole dressing room designer intent on squashing any self-confidence you may have had before entering. I needed reinforcements.

Luckily DTR was faced with the same issues I was, and agreed to take the trip with me. As we wandered around Lord & Taylor and Macy’s, lamenting the fact that the cutest bras are only available in teeny girl sizes and laughing at the issues a water bra could present (think Will and Grace) I found myself laughing more than I ever would have on my own. DTR is quite possibly one of the funniest people I know, and having her there, taking my mind off the fact that the bathing suits I was picking up are a good two sizes larger than where I would ideally like to be (and where I was last summer) was ridiculously helpful. I mean, none of my guy friends would have been able to help when I walked out of the dressing room wearing a “size reducing bathing suit” looked like a stuffed pig. They wouldn’t have been able to laugh with me as I struggled to get the damn thing on, or realized the hilarity in the fact that yes, my torso looked great but only because the suit had pushed all my fat to above and below said suit. And if I had been there alone I just would have cried instead of laughed so hard I almost let out a little pee.

And what guy would have been able to try on wonderbras with me even though both of us are way too well endowed to be able to wear them? Or exclaimed over the dressing room wall “I look like the bow of a ship in this thing!”

Exactly none. Not even the gayest gay man could have done what we did yesterday. Sometimes, only girlfriends can get the job done.


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Aren’t days out with the girls wonderful?

As soon as I finish all of my homework (yay grad school!) I’m going to have one of those.

Hopefully next weekend.

*Crosses fingers*

Glad you had such a good time!

Comment by Miss Browneyedgirlie

I wish I could have joined you. I’m in need of a shopping trip just like that one. Glad to hear you had fun, since those trips never seem to be on your own!

Comment by Esther

Yeah, but if you ever need your name written in the snow with pee, you’ll definitely need a guy.

But, now that I think of it, you’ll probably be shopping for bikinis much more often than you’ll be needing your name written in the snow in pee.

Wait a minute… you’re going to the beach… in MN? Oh yeah. A lake beach. I sometimes forget about those.

Just to piss you off – I can goto the beach on my lunch hour, because it’s only about 5-10 minutes away from my work. And, much like some people who go run or work out during lunch, I know people who really go out and surf during lunch. It’s crazy. And no, it’s not me. I enjoy eating too much to miss a meal.

Comment by mikey

I wonder if this makes me gayer than the gayest gay man.. or something, but Orientation Girl and I could do that kinda thing. Mind you we never have really dated, but in one shopping trip we had to much fun having her put on the craziest bras with the +2 silicon falsies. I remeber the comment upon seeing them “Look at this, I could serve beer on these things! they’re like a shelf!”

Anyway, AHEM!!! MN??? Where are you going to be in MN? Because you know I need ot get your drunk at some of the fun place here if you anywher near the area!!!

Comment by Chief Slacker

you remind me of me 7 years ago.

I had the same deal.. all guy friends in school, save maybe *one* girl friend that was teh same exact way.

I still have many guy friends, but as I get older, the more I see myself connecting with women better. maybe I’m just finding more women that connect to ME better?

either way.. the important thing is that you can appreciate the friends you have, which it appears you do.

Comment by Carrie

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