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August 2, 2006, 1:09 pm
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More often than not, the search words people use that direct them to this space are entertaining. Two of the top ways people get here are by searching for CFBs (Casual Fan Bitches) or Red Sox thongs. What can I say, this is a classy space.

But today I took a look at sitemeter and had dozens of hits looking for “pregnant woman dies at Fenway” or something similar. Having not checked yet this morning, I did my own search, and here is what I came up with:

The husband of a pregnant woman who died after collapsing at a Red Sox game Saturday does not know why his wife died, but Todd Quickenton is relieved his newborn son is doing well.
“I’ve just got to try to stay strong for Maxwell’s sake,” he said yesterday in a telephone interview from his home in Schenectady, N.Y., where he is awaiting autopsy results. “We’re going to help each other. I look at him, and it doesn’t hurt so bad.”

Denise Quickenton, 29, went into apparent cardiac arrest at a Fenway concourse picnic area after the couple moved there from sunny bleacher seats. Temperatures reached 90 degrees that afternoon.

Such a sad story, I don’t even know what I can add to it that won’t sound trite.


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Holy Shit! I was standing out under the bleachers when I saw the ambulance come up. The people all jked about it being heat stroke, and hoping it wasn’t serious. Very sad.

Comment by edmund dantes

There really isn’t anything to say that will help, but that’s just so sad. At least he has the baby to help him through this.

Comment by Esther

That is such a sad story…

Comment by Itchy

As a father and a husband, that story breaks my jaded, cynical heart. I can’t imagine my or my daughter’s lives without our wife/mother. My heart and prayers go out to that man and his son. May they take care of each forever.

Comment by MattySox

umm, yeah. being both pregnant and sweating my ass off in the southern heat, I’m thinking I ought to not say much other than offer up a prayer or two.

sad stuff.

Comment by Carrie

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