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August 7, 2006, 7:06 pm
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I have lived in the same apartment in New York City for three years. Sure, roommates have come and gone, but you know what? I love it. It’s a cute and charming three bedroom, we’ve got a full dining room, a full kitchen, and access to the roof deck. And to be honest, the thought of looking for another apartment scared the hell out of me. Why, you ask? Because NYC real estate moves faster than I can ever get used to, and you’ve really got to hunt for a place you could actually live.

Take, for example, this listing on craigslist. Wow, you think, located in the East Village?! Only $1195/month! I’m in!!!

And then you look at the pictures. And suddenly it all makes sense. That’s it, ladies and gentlemen. That’s all you’re going to get. For almost $1200/month, you get a hallway with ugly tile. Welcome to NYC apartment hunting.

Plus, when it comes down to it, the apartment I am in now has become home! I’ve lived there longer than any other place outside of my childhood home. Basically this was MY first home. And as I paused this weekend, having half painted my dining room back to white after two years of it being this great orange color, I realized I’m going to miss this place.

Because it’s finally happened. I have finally signed a lease on my own studio apartment.

See, MM is moving in with her boyfriend, and in true New York style, I immediately jumped on the chance to apply for her apartment before it was even listed with an agent, thereby avoiding a brokers fee, and well, the entire searching process in general, which is really the best way to find a place in this city. If you hear about someone passing away or moving out, no matter how cold hearted it seems, you immediately inquire about the vacancy.

So as of Friday, after handing over a check that literally made me hurt inside, and signing about ten thousand pieces of paper, I officially was cleared to move into my own place on September 1st. No more roommates. No more messes that aren’t my own. And the best part, the part I didn’t even realize until this weekend? I’ll have an entire bathroom all to myself. I’m going to be in heaven. The apartment is in a great neighborhood, is pretty spacious, the bathroom is down a hallway and the kitchen is it’s own separate room, so it doesn’t feel as cramped as most studios, and well, it’s just freaking fantastic.

So this weekend was spent starting to pack. And painting. And creating a Target wishlist to help me keep track of all the things I need to buy. It’s going to be a crazy couple weeks around here kids, hold onto your hats.


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I hate the actual process of moving. Packing and unpacking both suck. But moving to a new place, especially your own place, is undeniably exciting.


Comment by Becki

typically I do too, but after fearing the worst and thinking I wouldn’t have a new apartment until like a week before my move date, suddenly packing up all my shit doesn’t sound so bad. I’d rather be packing than scowering the city for an apartment. 🙂

Then again, ask me that next week, we’ll see if I am still thinking that way 🙂

Comment by FINY

Congratulations on the new place!

Enjoy the decorating.

Target has great home decor – I should know, I look at it every day. Too bad you’re in NYC – I could get you a discount 🙂

Comment by Miss Browneyedgirlie

hooray! that’s great, finy! you’re going to love having your own space.

and good luck with the move…i can emphathize there!

Comment by kate.d.

Awesome FINY. It can be maddening finding an apartment in NYC. Glad to hear it went well. Good luck with the moving.

When are you moving in? Right on the first? Were you going to go to the outing? Will you be able to go now that you are moving around that time?

Comment by edmund dantes

As I said last week, congrats on the new place. I’m so excited that you get to move into a place of your own – and maybe that gives me some hope that I’ll do the same. And I promise I’ll come visit this one!

Comment by Esther

Congrats on your new place Finy!

Comment by Itchy

Yay!!! COllness on getting your own place! As soon as you move in, take like a two hour long bubble bath (or until you’re sufficiently pruney) and rejoice that no one’s pounding on the door complaining you’re in there too long!

Also, I’m going to need the addy so I can send you and offical IBS Deputy housewarming gift!!

Comment by Chief Slacker

I’m glad you’re not gonna live in that first place you mentioned. Because if I ever visited, I’d be tempted to sing “Don’t come around here no more” the entire time.

Comment by mikey

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