Miles From Fenway

August 10, 2006, 4:19 am
Filed under: Alzheimer's, Red Sox, sports

I know I haven’t talked about the Sox much lately, and I know it may look to the casual observer that I’m not paying attention to my beloved team. That is not the case, a girl can just only write about so much stuff at once. So let me just say this about tonight’s game.

It’s not Ok.

Sitting at Shea Stadium tonight with The Twin, The Welshman, and a host of others for Alzheimer’s Awareness Day at Shea, we watched the score of the Sox game on the scoreboard. And maybe I got too comfortable with it. It stayed at 4-3 for so long, I stopped looking. Even when I got home and called the Twin to let him know I had arrived safely, the game was still tied.

And then, just now, I checked in. 5-4 Royals. The mother-fucking Royals. Game over.

Not Ok.

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