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Psychological Warfare
September 7, 2006, 11:33 am
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I’ve won the battle, but am still losing the war. At this point I’ve used everything in my arsenal: Raid, bug bombs, Combat gel, roach traps, egg stoppers, even a professional exterminator hired by my management company. Last night I killed three or four small roaches – but I assumed they were running from the poison I had left for them. I thought if I stayed on top of it, if I killed the little ones now, they wouldn’t grow to the big ones I haven’t seen in the last few days.

But they’ve now reverted to psychological warfare. While making my bed this morning I found a small male on one of my pillows. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping for exactly that reason – fear that one would crawl on me in the night.

Now I may never sleep again.


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How are they getting in? Are there holes you can plug up with steel wool? That helps. But, I would get in touch with your landlord. That is ubsurd. Was it like this for the prior tenant?

Comment by Anonymous

FINY how did it get this badly this quickly after your friend moved out? Did she just live with it? Did it suddenly get much worse as she prepared to move out? Did someone else’s problem in the building find it to your place? It’s a little bizarre to say the least.

Comment by edmund dantes

It’s not even necessarily anything that’s happened in the building. One summer when I was an RA at Northeastern the city of Boston decided to rip up the street right outside my building. We hadn’t had roach problems all during the school year, but as soon as they started digging up the street – roaches everywhere. It sucked.

Good luck finy.

Comment by BlackJack

The previous tennant was actually MM, who those of you who have been longtime readers know is an old friend of mine. When MM was living there, the problem was apparently contained to the kitchen. Now, MM warned me there were bugs, but I was so excited about living on my own, I never asked to what extent the problem had gotten and by the time she moved out, I think she had become desensitized to it in a way.

Regardless, now that I am spraying and baiting so aggressively in the kitchen, the roaches are fleeing to other rooms in the apartment. We’re fairly certain the the problem is actually the people who live above me, who are not exactly the cleanest people in the world.

There are holes, like around the pipes under the sink, there’s a large gap next to the stove and a gap between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. I am planning on stopping all of those up with caulk and steel wool. I’m seriously trying everything. Clearly the problem can’t go away just like that. These things don’t work that way. And the management company for the building has been relatively helpful. With all of this put together I should be able to get it under control.

I’m just going to be checking my bed obsessively now.

Comment by FINY

ACK! I’m whiggin’ out over here now. I’ve got the creepy crawlies. I hope you are able to defeat them…

Comment by Itchy

I honestly don’t think I could deal with it because if its the people above you, how will you win your war?

Comment by Darren

i think MM dropped the ball on this one!


Comment by MK

Itchy: I hope so too!

Darren: Yeah I am trying not to think about that right now. For now I’ll just do all I can in my apartment and see how it goes.

Marc (aka The Twin): I know you do. As do 99.9% of my friends. But then again I am willing to bet that her friends think I’m overreacting. It’s all about perspective.

Comment by FINY

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