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September 18, 2006, 3:40 pm
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The late Israel Kamakawiwoole’s version of “Over the Rainbow” is the kind of song that lends itself well to television commercials, movie background music, and any number of other commercial uses. It also lends itself well to getting stuck in my head. Last night, after hearing it during, I think, a cereal commercial, I went to download it from iTunes, and paused only briefly while remembering sitting in The Twin’s wheelchair/desk chair, singing along to that very song after hearing it at the movie theater.

After listening to the song a couple times through, I went to my CD collection in search of something that would knock the beautiful and addicting song out of my head. As I searched through CDs both old and new, I realized that inside the large black binder in which I store my music, there was basically a timeline of every past relationship I’ve ever had.

For those of you who’ve seen The Runaway Bride you’ll remember that one of the things Julia Robert’s character took for each of her fiances was she began eating her eggs in the style with which he favored – scrambled, egg whites only, benedict (my fave by the way), etc. For me, apparently, it’s music.

Apparently, I pick up a group or two from each ex. From The Twin it was Kamakawiwoole and Iron Horse, a bluegrass band who’s tribute to Metallica Fade to Bluegrass completely changed my mind about bluegass in general. From The Ex I became a big moe. and Dropkick Murphys fan. A high school boyfriend rekindled the love of classic rock my father had tried to instill in me since birth. The list goes on, but I think you get my drift.

They say you learn something from every relationship you’re in. Apparently, my lessons broaden my musical horizons.


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The most haunting version of that song I’ve ever heard. My first listen. It was as a major backdrop to the show ER, back 5 years (??, maybe 4) ago, when the charactor Dr. Mark Greene passed away from cancer. And since then, and I know it sounds funny, whenever I hear it, or even when I don’t, I am entranced. Hope all is well. Smile. Peter

Comment by Peter N

Alrighty. I lost a nice long post on this. Must always remember to copy and paste before hitting submit.

Here’s teh second try.

I have always liked that song since I randomly found it while trying to hunt down a Judy Garland version of Somewhere over the Rainbow back in Napster’s heyday.

I’m not going to try and recover the rest of the post. Too hard and not really worth it.

Comment by edmund dantes

It’s interesting – I haven’t had any boyfriends get me into music at all. Though that might be because I’m not into it much myself. Perhaps that should be something I look for in the next one…

And btw, I love that version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and the first time I heard it was on that episode of ER that Peter mentioned. Makes me cry and think of my Zaydie, and yet I love it anyway.

Comment by Esther

I’d definitely agree with that.

After breaking up with The One Who Got Away, I realized just how capable I was of making it on my own; how independent I could be.

I think that definitely carried into my breakup with Jack.

He also showed me that it’s ok to venture outside your comfort zone and that, more often than not, you come out of those experiences a better person.

I’m not sure exactly what I took away from my relationship with S – maybe to not get involved with anyone in the process of a divorce unless you’re absolutely, positively sure they’ve thrown their emotional baggage away, perhaps.

Because that’s exactly what he hadn’t done when we started dating.

And now I know better.

I think above all, each of my ex’s have made me want to be a better person (thus the single time now) so that when Mr. Right comes along, I’ll be 100% ready.

Comment by Miss Browneyedgirlie

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