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It’s Not Much, But It’s Mine
September 19, 2006, 3:51 am
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Say hello to Tessie, everyone. It’s been a while since the kitty has made an appearance here at Miles From Fenway, but tonight as I sat curled up in my hideously ugly, but oh so comfortable, and incredibly cheap armchair, reading a book with my cat curled up next to me, I just had to share how ridiculously happy it made me. I live on my own. Everything in this place is mine. The bathroom is mine. I can walk around naked after a shower and – it doesn’t matter! All the shit that’s gone down in the past few weeks aside, I’ve got a damn freaking good life.


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What a cutie!

Glad to hear that you can take pleasure in the simple things even if life isn’t perfect…because really, is it ever?!

Keep smiling 🙂

Comment by Miss Browneyedgirlie

oh my goodness, she is too cute. the collar is cute too. supercuteness abounds!

Comment by kate.d.

Very cute cat, and thats a nice looking 80’s style chair. We had a style like that in a counch and we called it the narcolyptic couch as you would sit on it and be out.

Comment by Ari

That’s it? Only one picture? Hmph someone doesn’t really care for her cat does she. j/k

Very cute. Glad you are starting to settle in to the new apartment. Hopefully you have the bug issue under control now. Was there an armistice or have you simply eradicated them?

Comment by edmund dantes

I have a sectional couch that is used in the “hobby/junk” room that looks very similar to that chair!

Tessie is very pretty. The purple looks good on her!

Once we realize that it is the little things that make us happy, we can move forward and live happier lives.

Comment by Itchy

Such a cute kitty :O) I think I need another pet. The Turtle are cute and fun, but not so snuggly. Ok, yeah, not snuggly at all.

You’re gonna need that snuggly cute kitty to comfort you after my Twinkies beat up the sox for a few games ;O)

Comment by Chief Slacker

girlie: She is adorable, isn’t she?

kate.d: the collar used to be a lot cuter when it had white paw prints on it, but she’s obsessed with licking her collar. She’s a freak, that one.

ari: yeah, I love the chair. It’s got a slip cover to go on it, but it’s beige suede-ish material. With a black cat, never going to work.

ed: you have no idea how hard it is to photograph an all black cat. Getting any sort of detail it near impossible. She usually comes out looking like a black blob.

itchy: apparently, a lot of people had chairs/couches with similar patterns. Who knew?

CS: is beating up on the Sox right now really something to be proud of? I mean come on … I could make their starting rotation at this point.

Comment by FINY

She’s a cute one! We had a chair like that in college. Super comfy, even if it was ugly.

Comment by Esther

Heh, well, come on, the Twins are on like their 9th starting pitcher of the year, someone joked they’ll be the only team in the playoffs with a 10-man rotation! heh. I like how one announcer described tonights game: A juxtaposition in age, the aging vet Wakefield against the kid Garza! Should be a good game at least, but feel free to give em a game or two, I’d LOVE to see the Twins take the divison after being 10.5 games back at one point!

Comment by Chief Slacker

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