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Q&A Take 2
October 4, 2006, 7:46 pm
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Ok, so I did this a little over a year ago, but I am having a serious case of writers block, so I decided to try it again. I’m officially opening the blog up for a Q&A. Ask me anything. Want to know which shoe I put on first in the morning? Go for it. Have you always wondered what my stance on a certain political issue was? Ask away! Want to ask me out on a date? Well, that might be potentially embarassing for you considering the public nature of this blog, but hey, if you’re that ballsy, I applaud you my friend! So ask away people, I’m doing laundry tonight so I need something to keep me occupied anyway!


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1. With Boston and Atlanta missing the playoffs are you watching them, and is there a team or player that you’re cheering for now?

2. What was the last fictional book you read?

3. Do you put the same shoe on first every time?

Three oughta do it for now.

Comment by Mike

1. If you could be anything in life, teacher president nun, etc what would it be and why??

2. What is your favorite city in the world??

3. If we all had our perfectly planned life where would you be now, and isn’t life better with suprises???

Comment by Ari

Wait, we get three questions? OK.

A/S/L? Oh crap, does that count as all three?

OK, seriously…

1. Name your favorite Sox moment that didn’t happen in 2004.

2. Go through your archives and pick out your favorite blog post. It could be because of your writing, or it could be because of the comments left on it… either way.

3. What are you wearing?

Comment by mikey

How many “oops” moments have you had with guys? I know I’ve been around for several, but it’s hard to keep track…

Oh, and what’s your brother’s deal lately – is he in college already?

Comment by Esther

Esther, I am going to need you to define “oops moments”.

Keep the questions coming people. I figure I’ll leave this up through the weekend, and answer them on Monday when I get back from Boston.

Comment by FINY

Ok, I’ll change it to “moments you regret” with non-boyfriends.

Comment by Esther

Will you buy me Sox season tickets?

Comment by darren


1.) What are the female rules for the bathroom stall usage? I.E. stuff like unoccupied stalls near occupied stalls, stall near the door, etc. I’m curious if women have a similar set of unwritten rules like men do for Urinal usage.
The only place they seem to breakdown is at major events where it all goes out the window and every urinal is used.

2.) What frustrates you the most living in the city and what do you love the most? Why? (I know I’m cheating a little on this one)

3.) Zombie’s are taking over your neighborhood. Do you go with a machete or firearm of some type for protection?

Wish I could have come up with some better ones, but this will have to do.

Comment by edmund dantes

1. Hey, how come you’re so bad at calling me back??
2. What is the Finy life plan?
3. What are you going to do about the bugs?

Comment by Derek

1. What is your name?
2. What is your quest?
3. What is the… oh, shoot, I always forget the third one.

Comment by Jack Roy

Tell me you aren’t serious? It’s actually quite simple. It’s either “what is your favorite color?”, “waht is the capitol of assyria?”, or “what is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?”.

I will now crawl back into my lonely social existence since I didn’t even have to spend a second coming up with those questions. Hmmm… I haven’t watched that movie in a long long time. Might be time to pull it out again.

Comment by edmund dantes

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