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Is This What We’ve Come To?
October 15, 2006, 8:48 pm
Filed under: dating

Times like this, living alone really sucks. See, last night I had an interesting conversation with a friend in which he sounded like he was thinking about dating me like he was thinking about a business transaction. And then this morning I get an even better idea that The Twin was cheating on me, and actual confirmation that he is, in fact, dating someone new. The potential for him cheating on me is pretty fucking high and I’d be lying if I said that that didn’t hurt like hell and make me want to go kick him in the balls all at the same time. While simultaneously being angry at myself because I really don’t want to give a shit.

So is this what we’ve come to? Are these my options now? Guys that cheat on you, or who are utterly practical and rational and devoid of any sort of romantic sentiment? I feel like I am the last hopeless romantic left in New York City. I WANT romance. I WANT passion. I WANT a guy to want to sweep me off my feet. Is that too much to ask for? Becuase I am beginning to think it is. I’ve never been this close to the bitter line before and that sucks. I didn’t think I could ever become that bitter girl. If the Ex walking out on me didn’t do it, I was sure nothing could. But three plus years later, I am slowly edging closer and closer. I don’t want to be that girl. I don’t want to give up on romance, relationships, and love, I don’t even want to be the kind of girl who fucking blogs about it all the time. But somehow, that’s what I’ve become!

Talking to Tessie has helped not at all. And of course everyone I’ve called isn’t around and being alone right now is not the best of options. I really hate shopping, but I’m thinking some retail therapy is in order. Barnes and Noble style.


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It’s not too much to ask for. I’m fairly disillusioned myself, but you DO not settle here. You deserve romance and passion. You deserve someone to sweep you off your feet. And you WILL find him.

Comment by Esther


Comment by Meegan

Don’t let bitter win. Speaking from experience, it is a really sad and lonely place to be.

Comment by Lushy

Esther, I never intended to settle. I never would settle.

Meegan, I don’t say enough how much I adore you. Thanks for everything this weekend. Mwah!

Lushy, I’m doing my damndest.

Comment by FINY

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