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What A Weight Off!
October 18, 2006, 1:57 pm
Filed under: self-improvement

I walked into Professor Thom’s last night to some serious double takes and a HUGE weight taken off my shoulders.


Yesterday afternoon, I looked something like this:

By the time I got to the bar, I looked something like this:

It’s tough to tell from the photos since the first isn’t head on, the second is from a camera phone, and my hair is straight at the moment, but I took at least a couple inches off, though it will probably look like more once it’s curly.

This happens to be a habit of mine that has produced both good and bad results. Whenever I’m going through a rather emotional time I tend to try something drastic with my hair. Once or twice it’s gotten me in trouble (read: at home highlights = BAD) but I think it worked out pretty well this time. It dragged me out of the funk I was in, so I’d say that’s a step in the right direction at the very least.


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Love the hair!

Comment by Meredith

Look good. But this is coming from a married man who at times screws up the fact that his wife got a haircut.

Comment by Ari

Thanks, Mer!

Ari, my friend Barnard Boy warned me before I showed up at the bar that since he’s a guy he most likely wouldn’t have even noticed if I hadn’t told him I was getting it cut. Once he actually saw it, he was like, ok, even I would have gotten that one. 🙂

Comment by FINY

you look fin-tastic!

Comment by Anonymous

Very cute!!! Makes me want to do something with mine!

Comment by Itchy

It looks like the drastic actions worked out in your favor this time. Your hair is very cute.

Comment by Becki

While you know I love the curly hair, I’m always struck by how good you look with straight hair. And speaking of hair, I actually have some right now. In fact, I’m downright fuzzy at the moment. 🙂

Comment by BlackJack

Very nice FINY. You look great with straight hair. I think I’ve only ever seen you with the curly hair.

Comment by edmund dantes

Wow, you look great! And that smile…

Comment by mikey

aw, thanks guys! Talk about picking a girl up! Tomorrow it will be back to curly, but for the day, this straight hair thing was fun!

Comment by FINY

great cut! it’s hard to find a good hairstylist in the city, so stick with that one sister! 🙂 i’m dreading trying to find a new one here in DC…

Comment by kate.d.

Love it! I had a feeling you might be getting a haircut right about now, and it looks great. And I’m sure it will look awesome curly.

Comment by Esther

kate.d: I intend to! And who would have thought that I’d find her at Astor Place Hair, the weirdest barber shop I’ve ever seen, that literally cost me next to nothing! Win, win, win!

Esther: by the time you see it tomorrow it will be curly again, so we’ll see.

Comment by FINY

Lots of chnages for you, FINY….all loks great (I know how the whole cut your hair when your emotional goes…;-)

And congrats on your new fur baby! She looks like my Beltaine–does her face disappear when she closes her eyes?

Be well…

Comment by Christine E.

Love the new ‘do.

I, too, am a huge fan of doing drastic things to my hair when I’m emotional.

And I always end up feeling so refreshed. What is it about haircuts that have that effect?

Comment by Miss Browneyedgirlie

Finy, tell Kate D. to look up a place in Georgetown, DC called 1419 Style, and ask for my buddy, Essam…my wife swears by him…

Comment by MattySox

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