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Am I Getting Old?
October 26, 2006, 7:27 pm
Filed under: drinking, misc.

The weekend, clearly, was insane. Lots to drink, little to no sleep, but I’d say we all handled it like the seasoned champs we all like to think we still are.

But then Monday getting up was ROUGH. And Monday night, even with the excitement that my friend from London, Zoe, was in town, the night ended relatively early. Tuesday included a trip to Williamsburg to see a friend’s band play after which I refused one last beer and instead left before the others.

And then there’s the most damning evidence. Last night I spent the entire night cleaning and doing laundry … I was asleep by 10.

Is it happening? I am hitting that past 25 hump? Or am I simply having a rough week? Please god say it’s just a tough week!


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Hey. There’s nothing wrong with being responsible.

(spoken by some old dude from San Diego)

Comment by mikey


Maybe you will be the exception, but, as I get older I find that I cannot stay up all night and then function during the day, like I did when I was in college…(sigh)

I really liked your Q & A with the blogging community–do you mind if I borrow the idea? It would be a good thing to do while we wait for the stove to get hot..:-)

Hope you are well!

Comment by Christine E.

post-25, honey. welcome. your bedtime begins to fluctuate wildly, you turn down invites to events because “you know…eh.”

it could be worse, though – my sister has had a 9:30 pm crashing time since she was like 23!

Comment by kate.d.

Hey Finy,

The days of up all night sleep all day are long gone. You will need them someday I assure you for kids and what not. But take it day by day some days you will feel like the ole pro who can harken back to their college days and some days you will feel like an old fart. This is from someone who is 32 but i really am only 25.

Comment by Ari

I know you well enough to say that you must just be having a tough week. Even when you’re 103, you’ll be drinking 20-somethings under the table.

As for me…yeah, I lost it at 25 and a half.

Comment by Meegan

you’re welcome…..

Comment by Steddy

This is definitely a rough week for you. It’s happened before, and while you can’t stay out all night every night, you can definitely still hold your own.

Comment by Esther

Shhhh! Stop subliminally telling me I’m old! :O(

Comment by Chief Slacker

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