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"Oh My, Oh My, Oh My, I Think I’m Falling In Love!"*
October 30, 2006, 2:35 pm
Filed under: music

… with the Dansettes, that is. Saturday night, Barnard Boy and I met up with some fellow Emersonians at the Mercury Lounge, and I gotta say, I’m hooked. We had all talked for a few days about getting together since yet another Steve from Emerson was visiting from LA for the weekend (this Steve graduated before I actually got to Emerson, but Barnard Boy and friends were tight with him) and every time they mentioned who we were seeing, I thought they were saying “Dan Setz”. Seriously I was thinking some guy with a guitar. Boy was I wrong.

Enter The Dansettes, a trio of women backed by a full band singing a modern day do-wop. Think, the Supremes-style, though not nearly as polished, and white. It would have been easy for this to come off as cheesy, but since they were all original songs, no covers at all, it just ended up being a TON of fun. I haven’t danced that much at a show in ages. Sure they could use a little tightening, and the dancing could be a bit more choreographed, but damn can these women sing. Take a listen on their myspace page. * The title of the post was taken from the lyrics to “Oh My”.


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You know I’m not all that into bands, but that sounds like a lot of fun!

Comment by Esther

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