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Reminding Myself
November 16, 2006, 7:25 pm
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The last couple months haven’t been what we’d call the happiest times. A lot of shit has gone wrong, gone right, and then gone wrong again. There was the cockroaches, The Twin, the purse, and now I don’t know if I’m going to have a job in two months time.

So it’s time to remind myself that these are all fleeting things. The cockroaches are gone, and I am now left with an extremely cute apartment that I love. The shit with The Twin has just made me more appreciative of how things are going with Barnard Boy. Ok, there was absolutely no upside to my purse being stolen, but hey, every time I’ve switched jobs it’s always worked out for the best, so I’m going to look at this as an opportunity.

And in the long run? This still holds true.

Sometimes, you just need to remind yourself.


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Word, girl. I hear you on needing a new job (though my switch will be of choice, not necessity). Best of luck!

Comment by Amy

Are we like, living the same life, just many states apart or what?

What about the upside to the purse being you got to get a cool new one? There’s something in there.

That reminds me, I jsut got a call from the police, months after my car break in, someone jsut turned in my ID and credit cards. heh.

Big hugs from the mini-apple.

Comment by Chief Slacker

nothing said rings truer. wait.. did that make sense?

anyways, big hugs, and three cheers, cause as hard as it *IS*… you have the right attitude.

keep at it, momma… you’re feisty, and feisty girls always end up on top.


Comment by Carrie

or is it fiesty? damn, I suck at spelling……


Comment by Carrie

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