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Happy Holidays, Here’s Your Pink Slip
December 18, 2006, 3:22 pm
Filed under: Unemployment

Well, it’s official. December 29th is my last day on the job.

I thought it was going to feel better than this. But then again, I thought there was the possibility that I would have a job lined up, and I don’t. And I wish people would stop saying “But you knew this was coming …” because honestly? Forewarning does not make being unemployed feel any better. Being laid-off feels shitty any time. Maybe moreso since it’s the holidays.

I’ve now lost my job twice in the span of a year. The last time I was lucky, I was offered my current position just 18 hours after my last day. This time I am not optimistic. Sure I’ve been on interviews, sure I’ve got prospects. None of that makes being laid off feel any better. I know that financially I’ll be ok. I know that I’ll find something eventually. I know that I’ll land on my feet, I always do. But you know what? I’m sick to death of HAVING to land on my feet.

I was listening to Sarah Mclachlan’s Wintersong cd this morning on my way to work. There’s a line in “River” that feels very appropriate at the moment:

“I wish I had a river, I could skate away on …”


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Keep your chin up finy. Knowing the day that the axe is falling isn’t much comfort at all. Too bad they’ve got you working through the end of the year – I have that week off and could’ve driven down to cheer you up!

Comment by BlackJack

I am SO totally feeling you right now. Good God, being a grown-up is hard.

Comment by Amy

As much as you knew it was coming, it still really really sucks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and eyes open. And hopefully the next time, you won’t have to worry about anything like this.

Comment by Esther

It especially is painful at this Time of Year:

I wish You a Blessed Christmas & a drink on me, Friday Evening @ Professor Thom’s;


Comment by Michael Leggett

River was originally done by Joni Mitchell.

Comment by Jere

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