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A Year In Review: Posts and Pictures
December 28, 2006, 2:37 am
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I Got Fired:
It’s funny how we define ourselves by our careers. I’m an Assistant Editor. She’s a doctor, he’s an actor. Upon first meeting someone one of the automatic questions is: “What do you do?” In approximately five weeks I will no longer have an answer to that question.


I Got Drunk, and I Got a New Job:
I awoke yesterday with, quite possibly, the worst hangover of my life. My head hurt, I threw up, and I generally felt like I was going to die. Wednesday had been my last day, as I had noted before, and after an interview for a sales representative job, I met up with 10 of my good friends at one of my favorite bars both to drown my sorrows and celebrate the end of what had turned into five weeks of torture.


I Started Asking Questions:
When you live in New York for almost four years you become accustomed to people asking you for change. It happens on the subways, in front of stores, on random street corners. There’s one guy on the R line who recites poetry, there’s a singing trio on the L, the list goes on and on. Mainly you tune them out. Or quickly appraise that your change isn’t actually going to help certain people do anything other than buy their next jug of cheap vodka. Rarely these days does anyone get past the steely New York exterior that is created by my look at the ground and listen to my iPod mentality.


I Went To Camden Yards:
That’s right, in just a few short hours I will be hopping on a bus to head down to DC. Tonight, Jarid, The Welshman and I will be staying with our friend Mat in DC before heading to the Sox game at Camden Yards tomorrow (It’s a really good thing that the Twin isn’t the jealous type seeing as how I am about to spend a weekend away with three guys). I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am. The first weekend of the season and I’m already going to games. God I’m a lucky girl!


I Started Getting Over It:
She closes the door behind him and slumps
down on the floor, broken. She tries to catch her breath and can’t; in between the sobs she gasps and wonders. She listens for the downstairs door to close. It clicks. She picks up the phone.

I Met The Definition Of A “Clinger”:
Yup that’s right, another wedding, another applicable Wedding Crashers quote. Though I’ll admit I have no idea if the following story involves a virgin, but the clinger thing? Well, read on. Welcome back to the world of Single Finy Dating stories everyone. Who knew it would only take a month for them to start up again.


I Came Out Of The Blogging Closet:
For those of you who have followed this blog for a while, you’ll know that there are certain people in my “real world” life who never knew about it. A while back I uncovered myself to my family, to some of my friends, and I did’t come up against the best reaction in the world. And in retrospect, I completely understand that.

I Got Back Together With The Twin:
I have two rules when it comes to break ups.


I Went To A DMB Concert At Fenway:
Well, I survived … barely. It was quite the weekend in Boston, here’s the illustrated story: The Welshman and I arrived in Boston around noon, dropped our stuff off with a friend of his we were staying with, and headed out on the town. Our first stop? 21st Amendment on Beacon Hill.

I Wrote The Post That Is Now The Most Googled On My Entire Blog … God I’m Proud:
Ok ladies, it’s time I speak up, I can’t be the only one who has this problem. Show some solidarity, and let me know I’m not alone. Or, make fun of me mercilessly. Whichever.

I Had A Birthday:
Just because I turned 26 yesterday was clearly no reason to act like it. The Twin’s surpise outing? A trip to Coney Island!! After lamenting earlier in the week that batting cages in the NYC area are a scarce, The Twin took it upon himself to bring me to the closest one. Well, I don’t know if it’s the closest, but it’s DEFINITELY the most fun.


I Talked Around A Fire:
Whenever a group of friends gathers every year, wether it be on a river, at a concert, or even just at a bar, certain traditions are bound to begin. For my high school friends, the tradition IS the trip. Every year we gather at a Dave Matthews Band concert in Boston. For the college friends that I just took a trip with, the traditions are many. Friday night is supposed to be the calmest of the parties (though it’s never anything close to calm). The first person to pass out must get written on. Chipotle must be had for lunch on Sunday afternoon. These are just a few. Some of the others aren’t so “Mom” friendly.


I Rejected The Month Outright:
From here on out, I will no longer acknowledge the existence of the month of September. Let’s take a quick recap of my month thus far:
* Moved into an apartment over-run by cockroaches.
* Got dumped.
and now we can add a third to the list:
*Had purs
e stolen.


I Retold Stories Of My Grandfather:
A massive B29 Bomber sits on the tarmac. Across the concrete comes a soldier carrying a brown paper bag containing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an orange. My grandfather’s lunch. As he begins to eat his meager meal he shouts to his crewmates. He is sectioned off in the plane’s tail. The Peggy B, named after the pilot’s wife.

I Had An Inauspicious Start:
Certain people fascinate me, and she was absolutely one of them. sitting on a folding chair smoking a cigarette, her frizzy grey curls forming a halo of hair around her head. She wore a mauve mock turtle neck, paired with the type of jeans you just know had an elastic waistband. And all around her were twenty-something women in varying states of undress; each of them teasing their hair, adjusting their break-your-ankle heels, painting on their makeup, or examining their exposed breasts.


I Voted:
Well, I have to admit it, I am glad I told so many people that I was participating in Nanowrimo; it’s kept me motivated at the times when all I could think was, holy hell, how in the world am I going to be able to get this done. But the emails, the phone calls, the instant messages, the comments, all asking how it’s going have been just the fire under my ass that I needed. Overall, it’s going ok. I’m somewhere around 8,000 words, which is a bit below pace, but I can make it up this weekend.


I Remembered What It Was Like:
Christmas always brings with it a feeling of youth. Memories of waiting up for Santa Claus. Swearing you could hear the reindeer on the roof. Leaving out milk and cookies. Trying your best not to taunt your siblings for fear that St. Nick would see you and put you on the “naughty” list and leave you only a lump of coal in your stocking. And that feeling of magic when you woke up Christmas morning to a pile of presents that had appeared seemingly out of nowhere. It’s a holiday geared towards children and that child-like innocence.


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January 2007: You meet your best blogging buddy that you’ve never met for drinks????

I’m in New York Jan. 4-5 for a flying trip. It’s action packed and includes a meeting to discuss selling the film options of my book, but if you’re around and we can get our schedules to jive, we should try to connect.

Comment by Cope

Hey I’ll be newly unemployed and grappling with a lot of free time on my hands that I should spend writing, but what kind of writer would I be if I didn’t find fun and exciting ways to procrastinate? If you can squeeze me in to your busy schedule you’ve got yourself a date!

Comment by FINY

I loved your recap! Hope you had a fab holiday and new year!

Comment by Meredith

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