Miles From Fenway

Indy, Here We Come!
January 15, 2007, 2:35 pm
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I had been streaming WEEI on the web obsessively the last week. I’d read the articles, I’d checked the sports blogs, I’d read the posting boards. And really all it got me was a large dose of nerves.

This was always going to be a close game. I don’t think there was anyone who really thought it could be any other way. Watching the game at Prof. Thom’s with a couple hundred other Pat’s fans we collectively hung on every play. I thought my phone was going to explode with all of the text messages that were flying between my friends scattered across the country, all simultaneuously having heart attacks. It was amazing. A game that will surely be a classic one day.

The Pat’s lucked out at a lot of moments. And Playoff Brady didn’t show up until the second half. But God it was a great football game to watch. I’m already pumped for the Indy game next week. Pats v. Indy is starting to turn into the Sox v. Yanks in that the road to the superbowl almost has to include those two teams playing each other.

So it starts again. I’ve got WEEI streaming as we speak. I’ve got some articles, blogs, and boards to go read, excuse me.


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That game was the best. I agree with you completely about it being the Sox/Yanks rivalry of football.

While surfing the sports news this morning, I saw the first line of a game-related post that read simply: “Why does it always come down to Indy? Why?”

I wonder the same thing. Yet wouldn’t have it any other way.

Comment by Miss Browneyedgirlie

I saw the end of the game – it was amazing! I think I’ll actually try to watch the Indy game (or more of it than this one).

Comment by Esther

Good luck with the pats the rest of the way. Haven’t you guys in oston won enough lately????

Comment by Ari

NEVER! Ari, how dare you say that!!! 😉

Comment by FINY

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