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The Mask
January 16, 2007, 9:48 pm
Filed under: misc.

The brave face can only be worn so long before the glue that holds in to your skin starts to become ineffectual. Bits of the real you start to peek through. The bags under your eyes. The tear running down your cheek. The slight downward turn of your lips.

I put on the brave face well to most people. But I’ve been dying inside a little bit for more than a month. Dealing with the holidays, the job loss, the relationship. Living alone is fun and easy when times are good. When times are bad having only your cat for company almost makes it worse.

Because the glue vanishes altogether once you get home. The mask slips to the floor and all that’s left is a lonely, scared little girl with too many thoughts running through her head.


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I am with you girl. You said my exact feelings tonight in those beautiful words. My cat doesn’t even like me today.

I’m thinking of you.

Comment by Amy

Please think about coming home! You need to get away from there for a few days and I promise I’ll be good and just let you be. Come home and let me pamper you!

Comment by Finy's Mom

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