Miles From Fenway

January 24, 2007, 3:32 am
Filed under: Unemployment

Number of Job Sites Checked and Bookmarked: 374 (yes, I’ve kept track, yes, there’s an excel sheet, no, I swear it’s not color coded – yet)
Number of Jobs Applied For Since January 1st: 54 (Ok, ok, same as above)
Number of Rejection Letters Received (sans interview): 4 (HA! No spread sheet there – just a file folder)
Number of Jobs Applied For That Have Since Been Reposted (aka. the most passive/aggressive rejection ever): At least 6
Number of New Recipes Tried Out: 4 (only one went really well)
Number of NYC Landmarks I’ve Visited Now That I Have the Time: 2 (more on that later)
Number of Games I’ve Watched the Patriots Lose: 1
Number of Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Watched: 28
Number of Episodes of House Watched: 6 (but another one is playing right now)
Number of Times I’ve Cleaned the Apartment: Approximately 15
Number of Times I’ve Wanted To Blog About Things I Can’t Blog About: Countless


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So how do you like house.

Comment by Ari

Yeah… how are you liking House?

Comment by edmund dantes

Completely hooked. This Netflix thing might not have been the best idea. I’m getting drawn back into TV!!!

Comment by FINY

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