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Young and Impulsive
January 30, 2007, 10:07 pm
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A wise person once told me, that looking back in 20 years, it’s the experiences you’ll remember, not your bank account balance.

I’ve done a lot of cool stuff in my 26 years. I’ve been to more Sox games than I can remember. Went to the Dominican Republic. Travelled to CA Chicago, every state on the Eastern seaboard. Sure, you can’t exactly call me worldly, but I’ve done enough to keep myself happy.

All these trips though, all the money spent, they were always well thought out. How much I could afford and when. Sure my mother disagrees with the way I’ve spent my money, thinking I should put some of it into CDs, etc. And she’s definitely right, I probably should have.

But sitting here, feeling like I am rotting away in my apartment, I’ve come to a conclusion. Being smart doesn’t always mean being happy. With that in mind, February has turned into a rather interesting month. A fantastic month. One for the books. And it hasn’t even started yet.

This weekend, I’ll be travelling to Boston. An inexpensive and comforting trip to visit my friend DTR. The weekend of the 16th, back up to Boston I go for the “Winter Summit”, a gathering of a core group of us who travel to Minnesota every year for Eddypolusa. 12 of us will converge of the city of Boston from all over the country. So if you live in Boston watch out, it might not still be standing when we’re done with it.

But then, the big one. The one I just booked today. The last weekend in February, I’ll be flying to Los Angeles to visit my friends who moved out there 5+ years ago and whom I have never been out to see. These are some of my best friends in the world, and four days in sunny Los Angeles with people I hold dear sounds like, well, a little like heaven right now.

I debated this in my head for a long time. Actually, I debated this with the voice of my mother that is always in my head for a long time. I’ve got money in the bank that can more than cover these expenses. I’ll eventually have a job with which to replenish the funds, etc. etc. But in the end, you know what won out? I NEED this. Really need this. I need to get the hell out of the city that has been kicking my ass for a number of months now. Away from the amazing feeling of failure that’s been hanging around my neck these past three weeks. I need to escape the depression that’s kept me from feeling genuinely happy for the last few weeks. I need this for my own mental health.

Sure, it might be impulsive, maybe even stupid. But I’m 26 years old. Is there any other time in the world when I can live like this? When my mother was my age, she had had me. Eventually I want to have a family. Get married, have kids, become an upstanding member of the community. But right now, right this very minute, I’ve got literally nothing holding me down.

So Boston, LA, watch out, Finy’s coming! Consider yourselves warned.


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I’m a few months away from 30, and I highly endorse implusiveness. You gotta live your life and listen to your own internal compass. Go where it takes you. And enjoy it.

Looks like I might see you Sunday afterall, and likely Saturday night. Certainly come February! Go ECCC Winter Summit!

Comment by TomO

And I’m a few months from 31, with a wife and two kids, and impulsive sounds wicked awesome right now…I need some sunshine!

Comment by MattySox

despite the fact that i love to hate it – as i told your friend DTR, sometimes life is just better with palm trees.

anxiously awaiting your arrival

Comment by Steddy

Hey not that i like tom cruise, but he did say one thing in risky business that made sense which was the following

“Some time you got to say what the F**K” (I stared it out as the internet is a family program)

Comment by Ari

That sounds like an awesome plan. You definitely need this and if you’re not breaking the bank, then I say go for it.

Comment by Esther

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