Miles From Fenway

A Brief Hiatus
February 15, 2007, 12:30 pm
Filed under: Boston, drinking

Well, in just a few hours I’ll be heading, once again, back up to Boston. This isn’t about a job interview (though they’re all going well. And I actually have another one later this morning via phone for yet another nonprofit here in NYC). Nope, this trip is all about relaxing. And, well, most likely getting quite wasted.

This weekend, my friends, is the Winter Summit. 16 of us will converge on Boston from all over the country. We’ll arrive by planes, trains, and automobiles from places like New York, Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Chicago. We’ll eat too much, drink our livers into oblivion, and laugh until our sides hurt. We’ll tell stories that no one gets but us, make scenes wherever we go, and basically make the city of Boston our bitch for five days.

God, I’m excited. Let the partying commence!


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Hey have a great time in e a great city, and drink a few for me and the new-born.

Comment by Ari

that sounds like a great time.

Comment by Nick

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