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How To Get Dressed In The Morning While Doped Up On Cold Medicine
April 19, 2007, 11:14 pm
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1. Look in the mirror.

Yup, yup that’s it. That’s all you’ve got to do people. But apparently? That was a little too much for me today.

After having spent the entirety of yesterday in a cold sweat under my down comforter, coughing so much that I gave myself a migraine, and barely being able to get up in order to down the water that was necessary to keep me from completely dehydrating, I awoke this morning thinking “Ok, I can do this I can go to work”.

And I thought I could, I really did. Until my boss told me I looked like hell. And then HER boss told me I looked awful. And then yet another coworker told me I really should go home. This was a real ego boost of a morning let me tell you.

So I did as I was told and boarded the subway to Brooklyn around 1:30. It was only when I was hanging up my jacket in the closet that is conveniently right next to the full length mirror that I realized, my being sick may have not been the only reason they had all told me to go home. When I had dressed this morning, in my black pleated work pants and my dark teal cashmere sweater, which I had never worn, I thought I was fine. But upon closer inspection, and in different light?

Yeah the damn this is pretty effing see-through. And I’m not talking, just see the outline of the bra kind of see-through, I’m talking, see the cute little flowers that are embroidered into the bra kind of see through. Like hey-I-can-see-your-belly-button see-through.

I’m going to go crawl back into bed now.


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Oh sweetie! I really hope you don’t have what I did last month, but feel better!

Comment by Esther


I’m right there with you, FINY, minus the coughing.

It’s April vacation and I have a cold. Somehow, in some way, it goes back to my students. I know it.

Even if I’ve been away from them for nearly a week.

Feel better soon 🙂

Comment by Miss B

at least you were 1) WEARING a bra and 2) it had cute little flowers on it. 🙂

Comment by suzie

That’s why I wear Carharts. I hate it when the little flowers show through!

Comment by Mark

I know you are sick, and I know you feel like crap right now. However I can’t stop cracking up on this one. Sorry Finy. Get better soon.

Comment by edmund dantes

Feel better soon.

Comment by KAYLEE

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