Miles From Fenway

An Exercise in Pictoral Excuses
May 8, 2007, 12:18 am
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Yes, I have been absent over the last few weeks, months, etc. But really, I’ve got some pretty good excuses.

First, I went to a Sox game at Yankee Stadium where I watched Dice-K pitch and the Sox win:

And ate a lot of peanuts:

After the game, I got way too wasted when the Twin showed up at Prof. Thom’s after a 6 month absence. But he wasn’t alone, he had the new-me with him. I held it together while at the bar, but the evening ended with me crying on the sidewalk in the Welshman’s arms. Look for a post soon about the rules of post break-up behavior. I think The Twin needs a memo.

So the next day I was hoping the Sox would cheer me up when I attended the second game in the series. That didn’t happen, since they lost, but at least I got to watch Wakefield pitch.

The third game in the series was watched at Thom’s. Much beer was imbibed during the day. And into the night. 12 straight hours of drinking does not a good blogger make:

After a few days break in which I recovered from said weekend, I went to a very swanky and very successful Alzheimer’s Association Junior Committee gala:

At which I was the PICTURE of decorum:

Two days later I was at a Cinco De Mayo party in Boston:

That didn’t end until the sun was rising:

Long story short? I’m such an ass that I am not even going to promise that I’ll be blogging more now (even though I will, no really, I swear).


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Damn, I knew I should’ve rallied on Saturday. So did you do anything (or anyone) I wouldn’t do?

Comment by Cope

So that’s what I missed after I left!

Comment by Esther

I do like that gal in the Sox Cap:

But that gown does make you look elegant.

Comment by Michael Leggett

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