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On Top
May 15, 2007, 12:19 am
Filed under: baseball

Since it’s never going to happen again, I clearly needed to take a screen shot:

Yeah, that’s right. That’s my team, The Pink Hat Haters, sitting up at Number 1. I rule.


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Nice! Congrats. I’m firmly in the cellar of my league, myself. I should think it would be more fun to be on top (not that I would know, thank you very much Messrs. BJ Ryan, Tom Gordon and Eric Gagne).

Comment by Jack Roy

It IS fun, but not as much fun if I thought I had any hope of staying there. I picked up some young, unproven pitchers that have just happened to work out so far. Whether that will remain the case … well let’s just say I am not holding my breath.

Comment by FINY

Lame. It’s only week 7. Act like you’ve been here, baby.

Comment by TomO


good work, its along season, I gave up fantasy baseball a few years back, to much work, not enough time. Anyhow, glad to see you are back.

Comment by Ari

Tom O – absolutely not. I am prefectly contented with looking like an amateur because, well, I AM ONE. 🙂

Ari – yeah that’s been my problem in the past too, but I’ve vowed to make the time this year. Thanks for the welcome back!

Comment by FINY

Heh. This makes me smile, because I still remember, one of the first posts that I ever read of yours was the one about the pink hats.

Comment by mikey

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