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My Name Is Zoom …
July 27, 2007, 7:09 pm
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I’ve talked before about the song that my mother plays for me on my birthday each and every year. The song, which has lodged itself into a loop in my brain, was played yet again this morning, over the phone, as my family finished preparations for a weekend long trip down to NYC to help me celebrate my birthday.

And after much searching, I finally found a youtube video in which the song can be heard. Which means I FINALLY know all the words. I literally try to find these every year, so this is a pretty big discovery for me. So of course, I clearly need to share them with all of you:

All systems are go for your message to Finy

Hey Finy, it’s your birthday
I’m in charge of the stars and I’m here to say
Hey Finy, you’re the big start, today!

My name is Zoom and I live on the moon
And I came down to earth just to sing you this tune
Cause Finy, it’s your birthday, today!

A present for you I wanted to find,
An outerspace creature, a one-of-a-kind,
A wild wop or a kookoochoo
An applethwop or a buzzardsnew
Or maybe a three eyed tickleshnay
For your birthday

Did you ever ask, “Ah what’s a kookoochoo?”
Well up on the moon it’s nothing new.
But that won’t do for you!
On your birthday

I’ve searched behind the clouds and stars
I even Zoomed my bike to Mars
And met my friend, the Saucer man
And he said “Hey Zoom, I’ve got the bestest plan,
What your friend needs, is something new!
So how about a song, just from you!”

And so tonight, when you’re in bed
I’ll be singing to you as I zoom overhead
Singing Finy, Happy Birthday
Singing Finy, Happy Birthday
Singing Finy, Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Finy, see you next yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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I had seen you mention it before but never realized it was the same record that I had as a kid.

Thanks….now I’m gonna have that in MY head for the weekend as well.

Comment by Cope

Happy Birthday, Interesting Tune.

Comment by Ari

Happy birthday!!!

Comment by Derek

Happy Birthday 🙂

Comment by Miss B

happy birthday, momma!!!

hope it was a good start to a great birthday WEEKEND!!!

down with the liver, I say!!!!

Comment by Carrie

Happy Birthday, a little late. I meant to say something and send something yesterday, and clearly that didn’t happen. Yes, I suck.

Comment by Esther

Oh man. I had that record as a kid too. I had almost all the lyrics memorized, except for that middle part with all the nonsense-word creatures. I do remember that part, just not the words– and I remember how there were weird sound effects accompanying each creature.

I also remember that as a kid I would have much preferred a kookoochoo to some lame birthday song.

And for the record– I found this page when I was googling for something else… i.e. what’s the origin of the cliché rap line “my name is [name] and I’m here to say…?”

Comment by Eric

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