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Nothing Big
July 31, 2007, 11:16 am
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My love of Tim Wakefield has been well documented throughout the course of this blog. A quick google search comes up with 38 separate references to him. So you all know by now that he’s my favorite MLB player and not in that CFB “OMG he’s so cute” way but in a I-really-respect-his-loyalty-to-the-team-and-work-horse-mentality-

So you’ll all know how absolutely flabbergasted I was last night to return home to find a small package with my name on it, a slightly belated birthday present from Cope. Now, when he was sending it I was given the “Don’t worry, it’s nothing big” speech. Lowering expectations? Maybe. But NOTHING would have prepared me for pulling this out of the box:

Is it weird that I now want to take the day off from work just to stare at this thing?


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It really was NOT a big deal, but I’m glad you liked it so much. It was one of those gifts that was going to be seen as either really cool or really cheesy, so I’m thrilled that you’re cheesy enough to think it’s cool.

And, for the record, you should’ve had it last Thursday, so blame the USPS for my tardiness.

Happy birthday. Hope 27 brings loads of happiness and an end to the moronic interruptions of others in your life.

Comment by Cope

I am so jealous! Happy belated birthday 🙂

Comment by Cara

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