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Promoting Health
August 15, 2007, 3:56 pm
Filed under: NYC

Ext.:Finy and a coworker stand outside smoking a cigarette. Behind them is a window promoting the new Botox Walk-In Clinic. The two are chatting.

A door opens.

Plastic Woman: Excuse me do you work at [Finy’s place of employment]

Coworker: Yes.

Plastic Woman(with a holier-than-thou attitude) Ok, then would you mind not smoking in front of our store? We’re trying to promote health here.

Finy and Coworker wander away thinking that only in Manhattan would Botox injections be considered a health service.


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I’m going to lose sleep over this. How can injecting someone’s face with deadly bacteria be considered a health service? Do you build up an immunity? And do no-smoking laws extend to the sidewalk outside of a premises?

Comment by Maine

To be fair, I work as a speech pathologist and sometimes we recommended procedures for patients to receive botox to the vocal folds to improve vocal volume.

Comment by Elisabeth

Nah, I’m sure it’d be considered a health service in L.A., too.

Comment by Becki

Maine: technically no, I totally could have kept standing there. And if she had just kindly asked me not to, I would have had no problem with that – I’d like to think I am a considerate smoker. But to add the health thing?

Elisabeth: A very fair point, but the videos they run in the windows advertise cosmetic prcedures and nothing more.

becki: yeah someone else mentioned that to me as well. Out there it’s probably a required part of your yearly check-up!

Comment by FINY

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