Miles From Fenway

A Sea of Pinstripes
August 30, 2007, 2:52 pm
Filed under: baseball, Boston, Red Sox

Ok, it’s official. I’m starting to worry. I’ve been desperately holding on to the party line of “We’ve got the best record in baseball” but the Red Sox are starting to concern me.

I know that even if we lose today, the Sox will still be five games up. But when the camera panned to a shot of Manny on the bench last night, during which he happened to sneeze, then grimace, then reach for his back? Let’s just say you could actually hear everyone at Prof. Thom’s thinking “Oh shit”.

I’m wondering if I am only so worried because of where I live. Is this easier to take in Boston? When not surrounded by Yankees fans trying to plant the seeds of doubt into your consciousness at every turn? Or are we all sort of looking over our shoulders and not sleeping well?

Either way, I’m not enjoying this feeling.


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It’s not any easier up here, FINY. Not any easier at all.

Comment by Miss B


Always be looking in the rearview mirror.

Comment by Ari

i’m freaking out here in chicago (despite the two amazing games i went to last weekend) as well. when does tampa bay come back into town? đŸ™‚

Comment by Cara

yankees SUCK!!!!!!!

RedSox RULE!!!

Comment by Donald

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