Miles From Fenway

August 31, 2007, 5:08 pm
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Because I REALLY don’t feel like talking about the sweep

I think it’s been pretty well established around these parts that I’m not exactly a tom-boy, not really a girly-girl. But one of my more girly habits is pedicures. There’s just something about well kept piggies that makes me smile.

Today, as I’m sitting in the chair desperately trying not to giggle and move my feet (I’m extremely ticklish), a pair of women sit down in the chairs next to me. They immediately engage in a rather personal conversation about one of their love lives – something not at all uncommon in that setting. But as the conversation continued, I wanted to look over and just say, “Oh, sweetie, COME ON.”

The story began innocently enough. One of the women was dating a man that didn’t want to get married. They discussed how hard that kind of thing is because it’s not exactly something you discuss on a first date, and by the time you figure it out you’re already far enough into the relationship that you may not want to bounce.

So the woman in question starts talking about how much she loves him, how they never fight, how great he makes her feel. And then there was this:

Friend: But what about that time out in Nappa?
Woman: Which one?
Friend: The one where he circled your cellulite.
Me: (jaw hitting the floor while pretending to continue reading my book)
Woman: He didn’t circle it, he just pointed to it with a pen.
Friend: Yeah but he wasn’t exactly happy with it.

The conversation continued with the woman defending her “love” and I just had to zone out or I really was going to jump into the conversation. Because I’m sorry, a man I’m dating even MENTIONS my cellulite and it’s war.

Now, I’ll stop here for a moment to defend myself against the comments that could be made by the people who know me well. Yes, I did once have an ex accuse me of not following through on all the talk I did about wanting to lose weight. And while he was partially right, what woman doesn’t talk about wanting to lose weight? But besides that, to be perfectly honest, I sort of knew after that conversation that the relationship was on the rocks. Which turned out to be true, it ended three weeks later.

But this woman saw absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that the self-proclaimed love of her life was literally pointing out her flaws. This just does not sit well with me. If my partner pulled shit like this – I, I don’t even have words. I’d like to think I’d have a bit more self-respect than to defend the bastard. Hell, I knew it was fucked up that my ex made a comment about my weight, and he wasn’t even so much talking about my weight as my reluctance to actually change something I complained about a lot.

What I will say is that overhearing that conversation just made me even happier that I am no longer with a man that made me feel bad about myself, stronger in the knowledge that I can make myself happy and I don’t need a man in my life to do it for me. I head to Boston for the long weekend relaxed, content, and excited to spend time with people who won’t judge me. Expect perhaps to tell me how cute my toes look.


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It’s Brian.
At the risk of sounding like a perv. I’m easy to find anytime you want an alternate toe painter. 😉
Anyway, the real question.
It’s monday night, were you by any chance at fenway for todays game vs. Toronto? I swear I saw someone on TV looked just like you fighting for a foul ball down the left field line.

Comment by The Nation within the Empire

Nope, wasn’t me, but you can bet your ass if it had been I would have been fighting (and winning) for the ball. 🙂

Comment by FINY

You are NO Tomboy, FiNY:

Trust Me

Comment by Michael Leggett

FINY, As a fellow Tim Wakefield fan, you need to check out Rick Reilly’s SI column on him! So great 🙂

Comment by Cara

Are you and your cute toes back yet? ;O)

I will say tehre are times we guys do something taht’s later realized to be very stupid taht makes you feel bad and it was unintentional. though things like pointing at cellulite are, well, blatantly stupid and deserving of being tossed. yup.

Comment by Chief Slacker

Where’d you go?

Comment by Cope

The Triumph is Ours, FiNY:

Let Us Rejoice & Be Glad.

Comment by Michael Leggett

You do realize that if you are the least bit superstitious you can’t post anything until this run is over. right?

Comment by Edward

Come back FINY!!! We did it!!! And you and I were there in Philly back in March! Those Phillies fans can shove it up their ass! We beat the team that beat them!

Comment by MattySox

Ok, so you might not have wanted to talk about that sweep, but what about the awesome one we just performed in Denver?!

You coming back for the parade?

Comment by Miss B

Sorry. It was my fault. FINY was actually getting ready to post something new when I informed her of the little coincedence of the Sox winning ways and her last post.

I can’t wait to see her latest though, and good job FINY. As ESPN put it, Twice in a Lifetime!!! Woohoo!!!!!

Comment by Edward

Glad to see I’m not the only one who stopped blogging!!

Comment by Steddy

Before I Forget:

Merry Christmas;


Comment by Michael Leggett

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