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Welcome Back
January 10, 2008, 12:48 am
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I’ve got no excuses to make, no explanations to give, but I do sort of wish I could see the looks on some of your faces as you read this, because that’s right – I’m back. So much has happened! The Red Sox have won the World Series (I’ve got pictures from the parade to prove it), The Patriots went 16-0 in the regular season (got photos from that one too), I’ve travelled up and down the East Coast for all sorts of reasons. Hell it’s an entirely new year! To those of you who have been giving me a hard time (yes I am looking at you) you can quit it now. To those who have been checking in – thanks for not giving up on me (and there really are a surprising number of you. I checked my sitemeter for the first time today since August, and I have to say I was a little amazed). And to those of you who have commented, emailed, etc. I sincerely apologize. Especially to Mattysox – sorry I missed your trip to NYC.

So let’s just jump right back into it, shall we?


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When I saw that you’d updated in my blogroll, I almost had to check twice to make sure I was seeing it correctly.

So glad you’re back 🙂

Can’t wait to hear the stories of what you’ve been up to. If you take a gander at my world, there is happiness abound; hope it’s the same for you.

~ The blogger you know as Browneyedgirlie

Comment by East Coast Teacher

You SUCK!!!!! 😉

Welcome back FINY. Hasn’t been the same without you around.

Comment by Edward

I’ve disappeared too, but welcome back. I need to get back in there too. And WE need to SEE each other!

Comment by Esther

T’is Grand to see you writing again, FiNY:

You’ve been SORELY MISSED;


Comment by Michael Leggett

Fuckin’ A-right you’re sorry…we blew up the City, yo!

Just kidding…we never got out of Jersey. Watched the game at my folks’ house. It was real boring…

Comment by MattySox

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