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In Any Other City In The World
February 6, 2008, 9:19 pm
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In any other city in the world I would have been over it by now. Sure, I would have been devastated. But I would have had time to properly mourn. I would have been able to hang my head, drown my sorrows in my beer, and wonder over and over again … what went wrong? I would have been able to avoid certain websites, not listen to certain radio stations, and completely avoided whole channel blocks on my television until the mere mention of the event stopped sending daggers into my heart.

The Giants are the Super Bowl Champions.

I want to be the bigger person. To give the Giants their due. I mean, they won! It wasn’t some cheaply won, bad call kind of game, they out played the team I root for. But the minute the game was over it started. The taunting. The jeering. The chants in the street of “18 AND 1!” “18 AND 1”. When you live in enemy territory, well, it’s just what you get.

The next morning I tried to avoid any mention of the game. I got ready in silence, choosing to awaken to my alarm instead of my typical Mike and Mike in the morning. My massive hangover from drowning my sorrows as the last of the seconds ticked away the night before dulling the dread of what I knew awaited me outside the safety of my apartment. The joy.

It surrounded me on the subway. Even with my nose shoved firmly into the spine of my book I could see images Eli Manning hoisting the trophy above his head all around me. On the backs of papers. On the fronts of papers. His goofy I’m-only-twelve-years-old face mocked me everywhere I went. When I got into my office my coworkers had plastered him to my door. So what that I was nice to them when their Mets COLLAPSED at the end of the season? The Giants won the Super Bowl!

Coworkers stopped by to gloat. Especially one who had called, back in July, that the Pats only loss was going to be to the Giants. Of course, he was thinking week 17, but his prediction came true none-the-less. On Tuesday it was just as bad. Giants jerseys were everywhere as the city celebrated their heroes with a parade.

Most days I love this city. This week? I think I’d rather be anywhere but.

Bring on pitchers and catchers.


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I’ve been in total sports avoidance mode.

I’ve gone to showering in silence rather than listening to Mike and Mike.

I’ve been cycling through IPod and CDs during my morning and evening commute ride rather than Sports Radio.

I haven’t watched any sports TV at all. I’ve avoided all sports websites.

But I haven’t been able to completely avoid it, and I’ve had to resist the urge to throw shit at Giants fans that never once talked to me during the season now gloating and throwing it in my face. It at least took the Pats fan population at least a second championship before they became this insufferable.

This hurts, but it’s surprising how quickly I’m getting back to normal. I know the Patriots will be right back competing for a championship. This is so definitively different than ’03 with the Sox when the fear was I would never see my team win a Championship.

This one hurt mainly because for the first time in my life I was almost 100% certain of the win going into the game. I’ve never felt that way before about the sports teams I follow, and I never will again because it makes the end so less enjoyable even if your team does win.

Comment by Edward


Pats fans have nothing to be upset about. Giants fan’s have everything to be happy about. I can remember the sox coming back from that 0-3 deficeit agains the yanks and I am still hearing it. Or the ranjerks always beating the devils in the playoffs (except 1 year) and hearing it.

The Giants beat the pats. I am still very excited, but as I was talking to people near the bug (on I-95 of course) most of whom are still in shock, I tell them time and time again, Your fans have nothing to be upset about.

So congrats on your undefeated regular season. And let’s hope for another Giants Pats Victory Next Year.

Your old pal, Giants Superbowl Champs


Comment by Ari

I couldn’t of said it better myself. I watched the game Sunday night surrounded – Former Army Man included – by Giants fans.

It was incredibly painful.

But, there’s always next year – we’ll be out for death then 🙂 In the meantime, how many days ’til pitchers and catchers?

Comment by East Coast Teacher

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