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A Question That Should No Longer Be Asked:
July 8, 2008, 6:05 pm
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Are the Rays for real?

Why is anyone even asking this anymore. It seems to have become a favorite topic on sports talk shows, radio broadcasts, and in print and online media. What more do these guys have to do? They’ve got the best record in baseball, lead one of the toughest divisions by 4 games in July, have the 3rd best team ERA in all of MLB. Exactly where do the questions come in?

Sure, they’re unproven in the postseason, but this isn’t the postseason. And right now these guys are clearly in it to win it. Even as a Sox fan, the team they are leading by 4 games at the moment, I kind of feel bad for them. Doing this well and they can’t even get decent representation on the All-Star team. Of course if you went up to most MLB fans, they wouldn’t be able to name a single guy on the team. MAYBE Longoria, if only because they’ve heard jokes comparing him to Tony Parker’s wife.

From my perspective, the question no longer needs to be asked. What needs to be asked is: “How do we beat them?”


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I think the big point you’re missing here is that you’re talking about the RAYS. They used to be known as the “Devil” Rays, if that helps clear things up.

Seriously, I think that’s been the most cogent argument against the Rays I’ve seen. Girardi said in an interview today that this was totally predicted during the off season by just about everyone inside the game. At this point the only doubters are the same stodgy conservatives who think the DH rules is ruining the game. To them we may say, Get with it.

Real as the Rays are, though, I still think the AL East will be a tight, 3-way race in September. 2-0 Yanks over the Rays in the 4th as I type this.

Comment by Jeff

I still have to consciously pause before saying Tampa’s name.

Still 2-0 Yanks over the Rays now in the 6th, with the Sox losing 4-1 in the seventh to your (if you’re the Jeff I’m assuming you are 😉 ) Twins. Scores stay the same, we’d lose a game in the lead on the Yanks but not lose even more ground on the Rays so that’d be something.

I definitely think you’re right … it’s going to get interesting in the second half.

Go Sox!

Comment by soxfaninnyc

Nope. Different Jeff. (Hint: Go Yankees!)

Comment by Jeff

Hmm, I just realized that is actually not enough of a hint.

(Better Hint: “Do you hear the drums, Giambi?”)

Comment by Jeff


I had JUST gotten that song out of my head!!!!

Comment by soxfaninnyc

Not my fault you needed the MegaHint(TM).

Comment by Jeff

Who cares about the Rays? I’m just sick to death (well, not really) that the Padres are stinking up the entire league. Luckily, the NL West seems to be the exact opposite of the AL East, so we’ve still got a shot at making the playoffs.

OK, I lied. I like the Rays. I mean, you’ve just gotta love overacheiving teams, yanno?

Comment by mikey

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