Miles From Fenway

In the Flash of a Firefly
July 8, 2008, 9:24 pm
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photo curtosey of jamelah e.

photo courtesy of jamelah e. via flickr

I emerged from the 2 train this evening at dusk tense from a day filled with work stress, financial worries, and concern for friends. As I walked around the rotary that is Grand Army Plaza, I tried to focus on a calming and upbeat playlist I had made for myself earlier in the day, consciously willing the muscles in my shoulders to relax.

And then suddenly a flash of yellow light caught my eye on the edge of the wooded area to my right. As I walked the three blocks to my apartment the flashes became more and more frequent.

There, in the middle of Brooklyn, I was surrounded by fireflies. And in an instant a huge smile swept across my face. The respite from reality may have only lasted for as long as I could hold one of them in my hand (I forgot how they tickle!), but it made all the difference.


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Nice to have you back blogging again, Kim!!!

Comment by The Omnipotent Q

It’s tough getting back in the “habit” of blogging, isn’t it? (;

Comment by mikey

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