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Things Lost and Found
October 12, 2008, 2:15 pm
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Last night the Red Sox may have lost to the Tampa Bay Rays, and I may have lost just a little more faith in men in general, but all was not lost. In the course of the evening at Thom’s, I ran into Jere and his family and friends. Jere and his mom were promoting their new book Dirty Water: A Red Sox Mystery (which you should all buy. I read one of Jere’s mom’s books Girls of a Tender Age a while back and it was fantastic, I can only asume this one will be as well). I used to read Jere’s blog all the time. Back when I was an active blogger, an active writer. But it’s clearly been a long time since that’s been the case. But after seeing Jere, and telling a few people about how I used to be a blogger too, I woke up this morning wanting nothing more than to turn on my computer and get back into it.

So yeah, a lot may have been lost last night. But at least I found a small part of myself I’d been missing for a while.


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as always.. sending my hugs. blogging and life are like that; up and down and in and out. You’ll bounce back. (no matter what the circumstances.) you’re fiesty like that.

just letting you know you’re still thought of!


Comment by CzeJohnson Carrie

Hey, I just put you on my blogroll. Could you put my Sox site on yours? Fire Brand of the American League can be found at Thanks!!

Comment by Evan Brunell

Glad I could help….

Comment by jere

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