Miles From Fenway

January 21, 2009, 7:04 am
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Trying out WordPress from my Blackberry. I’ve been without a home computer for a while, but if this works out … I just might be able to start blogging again. No promises though šŸ™‚


Welcome Back
January 10, 2008, 12:48 am
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I’ve got no excuses to make, no explanations to give, but I do sort of wish I could see the looks on some of your faces as you read this, because that’s right – I’m back. So much has happened! The Red Sox have won the World Series (I’ve got pictures from the parade to prove it), The Patriots went 16-0 in the regular season (got photos from that one too), I’ve travelled up and down the East Coast for all sorts of reasons. Hell it’s an entirely new year! To those of you who have been giving me a hard time (yes I am looking at you) you can quit it now. To those who have been checking in – thanks for not giving up on me (and there really are a surprising number of you. I checked my sitemeter for the first time today since August, and I have to say I was a little amazed). And to those of you who have commented, emailed, etc. I sincerely apologize. Especially to Mattysox – sorry I missed your trip to NYC.

So let’s just jump right back into it, shall we?

Home Sweet Home
July 23, 2007, 11:02 pm
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It seems I always take these little blogging vacations around the same time of year. Summer is always when I’m busiest. I return after a visit from Cope, a trip to the banks of the St. Croix River (MN), and a weekend of birthday celebration (my party, not the actual day – that’s not until the end of this week).

Since I’ve left you all, work has gone to hell (got to love transition periods), Cope and I decided against trying to continue the long distance thing, and the Sox have dropped a few games on the lead (we’re still 7.5 up but still).

I’ve sat and tried to write about a multitude of things since I last posted, but everything has felt forced, not the least of which a post about my recent trip to MN. But having recently been shown up by a certain friend Coughcoughsteddycough who had also taken a blogging break, and having received questions from friends, family, and a coworker alike, it was clearly time to get back on the blogging horse.

So to follow shortly, a post that has little to do with anything other than the fact that I wrote it while I was sitting at the end of a dock while soaking up some sun while at Eddypolusa trying desperately to kick start myself back into the writing trend. And from here on out, well, no promises. August sees me in the Boston area twice and the Baltimore/DC area twice as well, so traveling abounds. But I’ll do my best and leave it at that.

A World I Just Can’t Escape
June 4, 2007, 5:52 pm
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I’ve never thought of myself as an internet junkie. I mean, sure, I’ve got my blog. And my myspace page. A few mentions here and there on old job websites, Alzheimer’s Association newsletters, etc. Oh and of course there’s my account on my new favorite time waster:

Then of course there’s the three email addresses. The AIM screen name. The dozens of blogs I read and comment on. I pay my bills almost exclusively online. Hell, I even order my groceries over the internet!

Is there an Internet Addicts Anonymous somewhere out there? Because I think I need to become a member.

Then again, it’s got its upsides. I mean, without the internet, it would have been impossible for the almost instantaneous sharing of photos from the reunion this weekend (one of which features me kissing a gay guy. Iā€™m sure that one will make mom proud). And I never would have met some very good friends I’ve made through this site. I also probably wouldn’t have ended up making a scene in the middle of one of my favorite Boston bars this weekend, but what would the fun in that be?

That’s right, Finy’s got a story about being drunk and making out. Who’s shocked? Yeah that’s what I thought.

I haven’t thought up a moniker for him yet (which he’s going to be VERY disappointed by), but Saturday night found a long-time online friend and fellow blogger and I kind of sheepishly admitting mutual internet crushes on each other. Not going to tell you which one, since he very rarely talks about his personal life on his blog, and far be it for me to out him. But with so many drinks that evening, said admission did lead to making out like horny high school kids in the middle of a very well-lit bar. I’m nothing if not classy.

So while some people may not understand the internet addiction, I think I’ll just ride mine out for a while. As if I ever really thought of escaping it in the first place.

An Exercise in Pictoral Excuses
May 8, 2007, 12:18 am
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Yes, I have been absent over the last few weeks, months, etc. But really, I’ve got some pretty good excuses.

First, I went to a Sox game at Yankee Stadium where I watched Dice-K pitch and the Sox win:

And ate a lot of peanuts:

After the game, I got way too wasted when the Twin showed up at Prof. Thom’s after a 6 month absence. But he wasn’t alone, he had the new-me with him. I held it together while at the bar, but the evening ended with me crying on the sidewalk in the Welshman’s arms. Look for a post soon about the rules of post break-up behavior. I think The Twin needs a memo.

So the next day I was hoping the Sox would cheer me up when I attended the second game in the series. That didn’t happen, since they lost, but at least I got to watch Wakefield pitch.

The third game in the series was watched at Thom’s. Much beer was imbibed during the day. And into the night. 12 straight hours of drinking does not a good blogger make:

After a few days break in which I recovered from said weekend, I went to a very swanky and very successful Alzheimer’s Association Junior Committee gala:

At which I was the PICTURE of decorum:

Two days later I was at a Cinco De Mayo party in Boston:

That didn’t end until the sun was rising:

Long story short? I’m such an ass that I am not even going to promise that I’ll be blogging more now (even though I will, no really, I swear).

Words Are My Weakness
April 17, 2007, 2:59 pm
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It was a good thing I brought my most recent Time magazine with me. Typically, my subscriptions to Time and Sports Illustrated serve as reading material for my breakfast in the morning, occasionally my commute. I’ll get an article in here and there. I hardly ever have the time to sit down and read through an entire issue in one sitting. But Saturday was a bit different.

Two hours, two subways, and a bus ride later, I found myself in the far reaches of the Bronx, having read through the entire issue I had brought with me, and walking towards a Barnes and Noble just blocks from Co-Op City.

I was on my way to meet Dave Copeland, an online friend who, one of his recent posts reminded me, I’ve “known” for a little over two years. Having just released his first book, Blood and Volume, Dave was doing a reading and after having heard about the project for so long on his blog, I was excited both to finally meet him, and to get my hands on a copy of the book.

Neither disappointed. Dave’s just as friendly in person as I expected him to be, and the book? Let’s just say that it’s a good thing I had finished my magazine on the way to the event because there was no chance I was reading it on the way home. The two hours flew by as I was completely drawn into the world of the Israeli mafia members that populate the pages of Blood and Volume.

Now normally, I’d feel a little bad about overly praising the work of someone I consider a friend. It ends up sounding just so incredibly biased. Mainly because it is. But when you think about it, this one makes sense. I mean, I got to know Dave online through his blog, so really – it was his writing that drew me in the first place. What can I say, I’m a sucker for someone who can string a sentence together.

Of course there were a few awkward moments in the afternoon. Dave not being able to remember my real name when going to sign the book for me (though in truth, I’ve had that problem with others in the past – if Dave blogged under a pseudonym the way I do I am sure my first inclination would have been to call him by it). And I would have loved to have been able to hang out a bit longer, but with Dave surrounded by actual friends, I ended up feeling like the would-be online stalker girl or something. And nobody wants to be that girl.

So off I went, having picked up a great book, a new “real” friend (as Dave’s inscription in the book so aptly put it), and an interesting start to what turned out to be a very packed Saturday.

But more on that later …

The Ups and Downs of the Internet Age
December 5, 2006, 12:13 am
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Most of you reading this blog right now are children of the internet age. We apply for jobs on the internet, talk to friends on the internet, we pay our bills, buy gifts, in some cases even do our grocery shopping on the internet (yay Fresh Direct!). We marvel at how long it must have taken to do the most mundane things before the advent of the electronic age. It’s a beautiful thing.

But it has its ups and downs as do most technological breakthroughs I guess. Personal communication is less, personal. Emails have replaced phone calls to friends. Letters, actual written letters, barely even exist anymore. But at the same time the amount of knowledge at our fingertips these days is incredible. And the internet can connect people from all over the world, expose them to things they never would have been exposed to before. I interviewed a woman in Baghdad back in the early part of 2006, and it was an incredible experience. And something that never would have happened had email not existed.

And then there are blogs. I’ve mentioned before that they have their pitfalls, and I’ve known that all along. Anyone who blogs knows that it is opening themselves up to the good, the bad, and the ugly. Nine times out of ten, the good out-weighs the bad. I love my readers, some of whom I know in real life and some of whom I’ve never met. It’s a fun hobby to have, it keeps me writing, and I love it. There have been times it’s caused me problems, before I really knew the kinds of repercussions that came with blogging. MM and I went through one of the rockiest parts of our friendship because of this space. Other friends have mocked me for it. Coworkers read it and pretended they didn’t just to discuss it behind my back.

What not everyone realizes is that I can track who reads here. That’s freaky and big brother-ish I know, but sitemeter doesn’t actually give you all that many details. All you really get is an IP address. But from that I can usually tell who the people I know are. Company names usually appear in the report if it is attached to that company’s IP address. So I know when The Twin stops by, when certain friends stop in, when former coworkers appear. And I honestly don’t care. I mean who of us hasn’t looked at an ex’s myspace page after a break-up. Or googled the name of someone they’re interested in? It is, again, a part of the internet age we live in. Like it or not, what I put out there can be read by anyone.

What I don’t understand, what I’ll never understand, is people who read what I write here, and then lie about it. And expect it not to get back to me. As if it’s not all there. In black and white. I learned my lesson a long time ago, not to use people’s names, not to talk about anything too personal unless I know someone won’t mind, or unless it’s about me. And with the level of anonymity I employ here, you’d have to know the details of my day-to-day life in order to figure out who people are. And even then very few people would be able to figure out, say, which of my married friend couples are going through some problems right now as I mentioned a few posts back. I would never put anyone else’s secrets out there. I’m not that kind of person.

So today, when I received and email from a friend, explaining to me that there had been talk of something that hadn’t actually appeared here, never would have appeared here, that I got pissed. I got really, honest to God angry. One of the thoughts that ran through my head was Why are these people, who are no longer a part of my life because they chose not to be, even still reading here. And why are they talking about it. It’s not like I’m some public figure to gossip about, some celebrity to rag on in the tabloids or something of course I was going off the deep end with that analogy, but I was angry and my emotions were getting the most of my head.

Because the thing is even while I am not a celebrity, while I’m not even a very popular blogger, hell this place only gets about a hundred readers a day, to those hundred people, I am sort of a public figure. People who read here can say whatever they want about the decisions I make, the way I live my life, the things I say.

But to those people who started shit today? And you know who you are, remember this: You can have your opinions, you can continue your voyeuristic readership, you can laugh at me, you can judge me, that’s fine, I willingly leave myself open to that. What you CAN’T do is blame me for shit I didn’t do because you can’t own up to what you did. This site is cached and backed up, and I’ve got written proof of everything that goes down here and so do about a hundred other people who read me. So try as you might to use me as a scapegoat, you can’t do it, and you just wind up looking petty and small for trying.