Miles From Fenway

In the Flash of a Firefly
July 8, 2008, 9:24 pm
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photo curtosey of jamelah e.

photo courtesy of jamelah e. via flickr

I emerged from the 2 train this evening at dusk tense from a day filled with work stress, financial worries, and concern for friends. As I walked around the rotary that is Grand Army Plaza, I tried to focus on a calming and upbeat playlist I had made for myself earlier in the day, consciously willing the muscles in my shoulders to relax.

And then suddenly a flash of yellow light caught my eye on the edge of the wooded area to my right. As I walked the three blocks to my apartment the flashes became more and more frequent.

There, in the middle of Brooklyn, I was surrounded by fireflies. And in an instant a huge smile swept across my face. The respite from reality may have only lasted for as long as I could hold one of them in my hand (I forgot how they tickle!), but it made all the difference.


A Few Glitches
July 7, 2008, 10:56 pm
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Well, less than 24 hours back and there are already a few glitches I didn’t quite anticipate. I didn’t set my time zone before importing all my content from blogger, and then when I tried to fix it later the times on ALL of my posts was changed … making it appear as if I’m the worst insomniac ever. Anyone know how to fix this? With almost 500 posts over a number of years fixing it manually isn’t all that appealing.

July 6, 2008, 10:57 pm
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Hi everyone! Take a look around. I’ve taken far too long off from blogging, or really writing in general. I’ve been taking some serious steps of late to get my life back on track, and this is one of them. Hope you like the new place. Let me know if anything’s acting wonky.

More to come soon.

Starting the Day with a Smile
March 7, 2008, 8:36 pm
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I’ll be honest, I haven’t been in the best of moods lately. I’ve been working almost constantly with no end in sight, I haven’t been sleeping well, I’ve just been sort of … I don’t know … blah. It’s not to say that I haven’t had some great nights out the last few weeks, or that I haven’t had any stories to tell around here, I just quite simply haven’t been up to it.

But this morning – for no particular reason other than I was fast asleep by 9:45 last night – I woke up with a smile on my face. It was a smile that persisted through my commute. As I stood on the 4 train, with Gomez flowing through my ear buds, I kept smiling at random moments. I’d be subtly mouthing the words to the songs and not realize it. Well, I didn’t realize it until a man sitting in front of me caught my eye and smiled. I was a little embarrassed then, but that didn’t stop it from happening again just a few minutes later.

As the guy got up to get off the train a few stops later and I moved in to take his seat, he looked me straight in the eye and said ” It was so nice to see someone in a good mood on the train. Thanks for starting my day off with a smile – have a good one.”

I rocked out a little bit harder to the music after that.

Welcome Back
January 10, 2008, 12:48 am
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I’ve got no excuses to make, no explanations to give, but I do sort of wish I could see the looks on some of your faces as you read this, because that’s right – I’m back. So much has happened! The Red Sox have won the World Series (I’ve got pictures from the parade to prove it), The Patriots went 16-0 in the regular season (got photos from that one too), I’ve travelled up and down the East Coast for all sorts of reasons. Hell it’s an entirely new year! To those of you who have been giving me a hard time (yes I am looking at you) you can quit it now. To those who have been checking in – thanks for not giving up on me (and there really are a surprising number of you. I checked my sitemeter for the first time today since August, and I have to say I was a little amazed). And to those of you who have commented, emailed, etc. I sincerely apologize. Especially to Mattysox – sorry I missed your trip to NYC.

So let’s just jump right back into it, shall we?

I Miss The Innocence I’ve Known
August 27, 2007, 6:46 pm
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I’m a pack rat. There are no two ways about it, I save EVERYTHING. Ticket stubs, programs, cute pictures small children have drawn for me. Eventually they all end up in shoe boxes stored under beds, in closets, behind chairs. Occasionally as I’m cleaning or trying to find something I’ll root through them, reminisce a little, and then promptly put them back to once again begin gathering dust.

A few weekends ago, while I was at home in Rhode Island, I was given an ultimatum. There was an entire closet filled with evidence of my sentimental nature taking up space in my parents home. I was to go through it all, throw out what I no longer remembered the significance of, and indicate what deserved saving so it could be sent to its new home: the attic.

Some of the oldest stuff dated back to middle school. All those self-important diaries in which my apparent hatred for my mother, and love for some kid I don’t even remember, was splashed across the pages. I found a small Happy Meal toy a guy I liked freshman year of high school gave to me. I found prom photos, knick-nacks, a red sox themed soda can from 1995, all of my sheet music from All-State choir, a flower Steddy brought me my sophomore year of college from his sister’s wedding.

What amazed me was how vividly I remembered almost all of the items in these boxes. Each layer revealed something I had thought once long forgotten, when in fact it was actually just deeply buried – awaiting some visual cue to come crashing back to the forefront.

One of the items that gave me the most pause was a stack of letters written to me by one of my best friends in high school. Matt had been a few years older than me and the only way to describe my feelings for him is to say that I loved him in a way that only a girl who’s never had her heart broken can. Innocently, naively, and completely. The letters were filled with what we then thought were hugely important issues. We were yet to be jaded then, untouched by the real world.

This trip back through childhood continued this weekend when I attended a Brooklyn Cyclones game out on Coney Island, which was immediately followed by hours of riding the Cyclone and various other vomit inducing rides and playing games to win a small stuffed gorilla that I probably could have bought at a toy store for a buck. Sure I didn’t grow up in Brooklyn, but it reminded me an awful lot of Rocky Point. (To all of you Rhode Islanders out there – tell me you don’t still remember the theme song … “Come with your family, come with your friends, that’s the Rocky Point tradition ’cause it’s summer time again!”).

As my friends and I were flung about like rag dolls on a ride called the Break Dance, I laughed with an abandon I hadn’t in what felt like ages. I may only be able to vaguely remember the innocence that came along with the younger years, but it’s nice to be reminded of a time when you absolutely believed in the good in the world, and your biggest concern was whether you were going to lose your lunch on the Music Express.

side note, title of this post borrowed from the lyrics of Wilco’s “Heavy Metal Drummer”

My Name Is Zoom …
July 27, 2007, 7:09 pm
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I’ve talked before about the song that my mother plays for me on my birthday each and every year. The song, which has lodged itself into a loop in my brain, was played yet again this morning, over the phone, as my family finished preparations for a weekend long trip down to NYC to help me celebrate my birthday.

And after much searching, I finally found a youtube video in which the song can be heard. Which means I FINALLY know all the words. I literally try to find these every year, so this is a pretty big discovery for me. So of course, I clearly need to share them with all of you:

All systems are go for your message to Finy

Hey Finy, it’s your birthday
I’m in charge of the stars and I’m here to say
Hey Finy, you’re the big start, today!

My name is Zoom and I live on the moon
And I came down to earth just to sing you this tune
Cause Finy, it’s your birthday, today!

A present for you I wanted to find,
An outerspace creature, a one-of-a-kind,
A wild wop or a kookoochoo
An applethwop or a buzzardsnew
Or maybe a three eyed tickleshnay
For your birthday

Did you ever ask, “Ah what’s a kookoochoo?”
Well up on the moon it’s nothing new.
But that won’t do for you!
On your birthday

I’ve searched behind the clouds and stars
I even Zoomed my bike to Mars
And met my friend, the Saucer man
And he said “Hey Zoom, I’ve got the bestest plan,
What your friend needs, is something new!
So how about a song, just from you!”

And so tonight, when you’re in bed
I’ll be singing to you as I zoom overhead
Singing Finy, Happy Birthday
Singing Finy, Happy Birthday
Singing Finy, Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Finy, see you next yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr