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Who Is Kim Rossi and How the Hell Do I Brand Her?
February 17, 2009, 9:44 pm
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Hi. I'm Kim Rossi. And I have no idea how to brand myself ... yet.

Hi. My name is Kim Rossi and I don't have a personal brand.

Ladies and Gentlemen (or more accurately, lady and gentleman: I’ve ignored this blog for so long I am pretty sure that I only have two readers left) let me introduce myself: my name is Kim Rossi. Before now, many of you knew me as Finy – a nickname that evolved long ago on a Red Sox message board called the Royal Rooters.

But as my career has transitioned from print publishing, to nonprofit communications, and for the last two years, to online communications for a nonprofit, it has become increasingly clear that it was time to come out of the closet. Time to step into the open and admit: hey, see, I don’t just write corporate communications! I do other things too! It was time to claim my own little space on the internet and connect everything I do – from this blog to facebook, to twitter, to flickr – in one place.

And so the research began. First step: what url to buy. But, oh dear; every variation of my name is already registered. Ok, so plan b … and that was as far as I got. Because honestly, it was then that it hit me: I wasn’t just buying a url, I was creating my own brand. And while I’d never had to brand myself; I HAVE had to brand a multitude of other retail ventures, services, and products. And if there was one thing I knew: you don’t create a brand half-assed.

So now here I sit, starting in the smallest way possible. I’ve been editing my previous posts, changing the name from Finy to Kim. I’ve changed my avatar from the South Park version of myself to the photo you see with this post. But it’s the big questions that are looming. Who am I, what do I do, and how do I want to be known?

Big questions. There are a multitude of personal branding sites out there (my favorite being Dan Schawbel’s) that talk about HOW to brand yourself: use the same avatar everywhere, consistency is key, link everything to each other, etc. But what no one can tell you is WHAT your personal brand should be. Because YOU are your brand. Or in this case, I am the brand I am trying to create.

So who am I? I’m an internet junkie, a voracious reader, a red sox fanatic. I’m a writer by nature, a communicator at heart, and socially outgoing to boot. I’m a music lover, a former softball player, a fself-described nonprofit do-gooder. I’m a no-makeup-wearing, dive-bar-loving, Bostonian turned New Yorker.

Yeah, sum that up in a tag line.