Miles From Fenway

100 Things About Me

1. Finy clearly isn’t my real name.
2. Originally, I hail from Rhode Island.
3. In my teens I was a Braves fan. Wait, let me explain! We didn’t have NESN, and since Ted Turner owned the Braves and TBS I could see them every day.
4. I had jaw surgery when I was seventeen, and was wired shut for six weeks. When I go to hell in my hand basket, I am pretty sure this is what is waiting for me for the rest of eternity.
5. My favorite physical feature about myself is my eyes.
6. It’s also what I notice first about the opposite sex.
7. I was accepted to every undergrad program I applied to.
8. Then rejected from every grad school I tried to get into.
9. My favorite color is purple.
10. There is a lilac bush right outside my childhood home (which my family still lives in). Now every time I see or smell lilacs, I get homesick.
11. My mom is my best friend in the world.
12. I am terrible at keeping in touch with people.
13. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
14. After growing up in RI I could never live in a landlocked state.
15. I hate my thighs.
16. And my stomach.
17. I miss playing softball.
18. In college I once got hit with a hard hit grounder that took a funny hop. On the chin. I walked around for weeks afterward looking like I had a goatee.
19. I am terrible with money.
20. I overanalyze everything.
21. I have psoriasis.
22. Because of which I have never been able to get a piercing or a tattoo. (but I am deathly afraid of needles so I guess it all works out ok)
23. I have terrible eyesight.
24. I am obsessed with live music of any kind.
25. I used to fall in love way too easily, but after having had my heart broken one too many times, I protect my heart like my life depends on it.
26. I hate confrontation of any kind.
27. I miss school. I loved learning. I am a dork.
28. I want to own a bookstore someday.
29. Singing the National Anthem at Fenway Park is a dream I’ve had since I was little.
30. Senior year in high school my choir sang on the Lincoln Center Stage.
31. Tim Wakefield is my favorite Sox player of all time.
32. I was born with six fingers on my left hand.
33. I never wear shorts. All summer I live in capris and skirts.
34. I love to ski, but I suck. This does not stop me from hurtling myself down harder trails than I can manage. What can I say, I love the adrenaline Oh-My-God-I-Am-Going-To-Die rush it gives me.
35. I make an ass out of myself on a daily basis.
36. I want to get married at Colt State Park in Bristol, RI.
37. I never go to church.
38. I’d rather be single for the right reasons, than a part of couple for the wrong ones.
39. It took me entirely too long to realize I was letting how other people saw me affect my self-image.
40. I was painfully self-conscious in high school.
41. I was also miserable but who wasn’t?
42. I have a scar on my elbow from falling on the playground in middle school (the playground being basically just a cement basketball court) because Ms. Hayes wouldn’t let me go to the burse.
43. When I had chicken pox in 5th grade they became infected and I almost had to be hospitalized.
44. I once slapped my mother. It’s a good story. She doesn’t think so.
45. I have the most adorable kitten ever. Her name is Tessie.
46. I wish I could speak a foreign language.
47. I do not have a passport.
48. I’d rather be cold than hot (though that changes per the season)
49. I don’t know how to flirt.
50. I LOVE to cuddle.
51. I hate running but love running sneakers.
52. I suffer from panic attacks.
53. I am afraid of heights.
54. Some days I feel so old.
55. Others, so young.
56. I worry … about everything.
57. I still think my ex walking out on me was the best thing to ever happen to me.
58. I would love to be a college professor.
59. I’ve never driven across the country but always wanted to.
60. I’m lucky that I still have three grandparents around.
61. And lucky too that I knew the other until I was 23.
62. I was a jerk to my little brother when I was a kid.
63. I take work too seriously. To the point that it affects my personal life.
64. I make up stories in my head about the lives of the people sitting around me on the subway.
65. My biggest pet-peeve is people who make a lot of noise when they chew.
66. My life will not be complete unless I get my PhD
67. Nicholson Baker is one of my favorite authors.
68. I want to BE Sarah Vowell.
69. My handwriting still looks like it did when I was 13.
70. I take ridiculously long showers.
71. I am an absolute slob when it comes to my room.
72. I like to feel like I am needed.
73. If I hear a song once I will know all the words forever. My choir director loved me for this.
74. I have met Tom Glavine.
75. The first and only car I ever bought was a bright teal Kia Rio. I had to turn around and sell it to my little brother 9 months later when I left Long Island.
76. I go out too much.
77. And drink too often.
78. My favorite color pen is blue.
79. My dad used to call me “wood Baby” because I hated to be changed and went all stiff whenever anyone tried.
80. I attribute my love of books and words to my parents reading to me every night.
81. Instead of sneaking out of my bedroom late at night to watch TV when I was a kid, I would bring a flashlight to bed with me and read under the covers until my mom caught me.
82. The DMB song “Best of What’s Around” will always make me smile no matter how bad things are.
83. I cry at movies. And if I know the movie and know a sad part is coming up soon, I will start crying even before the scene starts.
84. I think any woman who claims she doesn’t masturbate is lying.
85. I secretly read chick lit.
86. I value my alone time.
87. I should probably be seeing a therapist.
88. I’ve lived in NYC for 6 years. This is still shocking to me.
89.I still plan on moving to Boston when I want to settle down.
90. I have never been to the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, or any other number of NYC landmarks. This makes me feel like a bad New Yorker.
91. I love living by myself.
92. I LOVE Broadway musicals.
93. My neighborhood reminds me a little bit of Boston.
94. I know nothing about art but still love art museums.
95. I miss my family on a daily basis
96. Hearing DMB break into “Linus and Lucy” at the Worcester Centrum in December of 1999 is still one of the greatest concert moments I’ve witnessed. Just hearing it now makes me want to jump up and break into the Linus Dance.
97. I’ve become way more hooked on this blogging world than I ever thought I would.
98. I have a Simba stuffed animal that has been with me through everything.
99. I love the way rain smells.
100. I start blogging and start again regularly.


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