Miles From Fenway

Day 3
May 10, 2005, 3:07 pm
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It’s getting better. A bit better anyway.

All of the support I am getting from friends and family and coworkers is REALLY helpful. I still want to smoke, but hopefully eventually that will go away. I just need to keep reminding myself that this is for the best.

Went to Boston 212 last night (yes AGAIN). Since NYC doesn’t allow smoking anymore, it actually wasn’t TOO bad. The Welshman is a smoker but was very supportive, and though he did go out to smoke once it was MUCH less than he would have gone outside if we had both been smoking. That being said, I tore my beer bottle labels to shreds, chewed almost an entire pack of gum and made my way through a mountain of toothpicks (supplied by the bartender who quit two weeks ago – thank GOD for her!).

The Rocker came out with us as well last night. (the Rocker being the guy I met after meeting the Twin who is ALSO a member of a set of twins and is from Rhode Island). Was good to see him, he’s a cool guy and we always have fun.

The game itself was a bit lackluster. The Sox kicked the life out of the A’s which was to be expected. I’m starting to wonder what kind of trade moves Theo is thinking about since he seems pretty intent on showcasing Cla (pronounced Clay) Meredith. The 21 year old was brought up after only like 14 innings in AA this year and a full season in A the year before. And then they threw him into a tie game at Fenway where he walked two batters and gave up a grand slam. It was a terrible decision by Francona.

What should have happened was last night should have been his first outing. Meredith was brought in in the 6th or 7th (to be honest I did a LOT of concentrating on my cigaretteless state) and did get knocked around a bit, but with a 13 – 5 lead, you can afford to let the rookie get in some time. He was clearly over anxious, and that comebacker to the mound should have been a pretty easy play if he hadn’t jumped, but I say again, the kid is young, why are we even rushing him to the bigs when 99% of his experience is with single A teams?

The only explanation I can figure is that Theo’s got something up his sleeve. Or at least wants to keep his options open. Guess we’re going to wait and see.


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