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The Bravery at Webster Hall
July 14, 2005, 1:32 pm
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I must admit, I was hesitant to return to Webster Hall last night. After seeing Bloc Party there a little while back and losing approximately ten pounds in sweat, I headed into the concert last night dreading another repeat performance. I was, however, pleasantly surprised.

The AC was working, the band didn’t have to leave the stage due to technical problems (something that has happened often when I’ve seen shows there) and The Bravery put on a great performance.

To be fair, I am not a huge fan, as most people in attendance seemed to be. I loved the show, but I don’t own their cd. I bought the ticket mainly on the British crew’s urging and on the reputation they’ve quickly amassed here in NYC. I was definitely in the minority last night as everyone there seemed to know every word to the songs from their debut self-titled album which in a way makes sense as they did get their start here in the city.

Never the less it was a good show. I had read some reviews that blasted them as the group that the indie rock scene “loves to hate” because of the arrogance they project. I could definitely see signs of that in last night’s show, but I feel like anyone saying that is merely referring to the fact that they have such great stage presence for a band that’s only got one cd. I mean hell they were big around here before the cd even dropped.

And I can see why. Lead singer Sam Endicott was very strong, and they played a great cover of U2’s “Black Cat”. Endicott actually told a story before they played the cover about how a little while back they had opened for U2. The Bravery had been playing “Black Cat” for a while apparently and were considering using the song in their set that night, but were having second thoughts. Apparently they decided, ok, if we get to meet Bono, we’ll ask him if he minds! Turns out they got to meet him, he told them they could play it, yet they still chickened out of playing a U2 cover at a U2 show (a smart choice if you ask me, I mean that would have been a bit cheesy, no?). Turns out they made the right decision as U2 went on to include the song in THEIR set that night.

Anyway, I’m rambling now. Had a great time last night. I now firmly intend on going out to buy the Bravery CD now. And since Webster did, in fact, have the AC working again, I am eagerly anticipating my July 21st return to see The Kaiser Chiefs (who’s cd I’ve been obsessed with since I saw them at Maxwell’s in Hoboken a few months ago).

Look for a post later in the day as we gear up for the start of the second half of the Red Sox season.


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Hey there!

Hope you’re having fun there. I’m in South Africa.

Comment by Lavinia

Sorry for posting an off topic question here but I think this particular one has a profound impact on our society.

The Pope says “Harry Potter corrupts the young, distorting their understanding of the battle between good and evil”. In a way, he is saying “Harry is Evil, Potter is Satan!”

Well, we know orthodox Christians also despise Uncle Santa Claus and all those at DisneyWorld, do you fancy a world without Cinderella, Snow White and Mr. Mickey Mouse?

La Bona

Comment by La Bona


Glad to hear you had a great itme at the show, and when you go see the Kaiser Cheifs “I predict a RIOT” Okay just hte name of hte song, but i thought it was funny. Good luck with your sox against those yanks.

Comment by Ari

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